Why Your Rodent Problem May Be Larger Than You Think

A close up image of a mice on the floor

So, here’s the problem with rodents. They come into your home looking for basic necessities like food, water, and shelter; and while they may seem harmless enough, they can cause damage to your home and property by gnawing on furniture, door frames, and other things that you will have to repair or replace. Rodents gnaw to keep their teeth trimmed, which is an instinctual habit. They don’t care what they chew on; and when they chew on electrical wires, they can cause a fire that can do extensive damage to your home. They will gnaw inside walls and ceilings disturbing insulation as they scurry around foraging for food and when they do, they will contaminate food as they help themselves to your cupboards and countertops.

Rodents also spread viruses and dangerous bacteria to humans and to other animals. They reproduce quickly and cause quite an odor as the older ones die and their bodies begin to decay inside your wall voids. Since rodents are resilient, more rodents are born than die, causing numbers to double and triple rapidly.

Preventing rodents from entering your home is a very good idea. Take a proactive approach if you are able. Seal up all entry points in your home and repair any cracks, crevices, broken vents, and other areas that they can gain access through.

If you do have rodents in your home you probably won’t see them very often. They tend to stay hidden while people are present and tuck away in walls or in the shadows avoiding human interaction. If you see one or two, it could mean that you only have one or two; more likely it means you have more lurking in the shadows and hiding within the walls of your home. And, let’s face it; you offer all the comforts of home to them. Why would they want to leave willingly?

Look for these signs of an infestation:

  • Small rice-shaped black droppings along walls, in cabinets, and under counters
  • Boxes and bags of food with chew marks
  • Open containers that appear scratched or chewed
  • Dark greasy marks along walls where rodents frequently travel
  • The sound of gnawing or scurrying about in the attic, ceiling, and walls
  • Nests in secluded small spaces made out of debris, fabric, and paper

As you think about ways to eradicate rodents, you might not want to bother with DIY products as they seldom work and are not worth the cost nor are they worth your time. On top of that, DIY baits and poisons are not safe to use around yourself or your family members, and even if you decide to take that risk and are able to trap one or two, there are probably more where they came from, and your problem will likely continue.

It is always best to leave pest eradication up to the experts who have the latest technologies, proper equipment, effective products, and extensive training to use them safely and effectively. For those of us who live in Massachusetts and Connecticut, American Pest Solutions has rodent control solutions. Our rodent control experts will discover all of the nesting sites, eliminate them safely, and put in place protocols that work to keep rodents out of your home for good. When you rely on the trusted team of professionals here at American Pest Solutions, you won’t have to worry about rodents or the damages and diseases that they cause again.