What Mice Are Looking For

Mouse hiding in a basement.

With an endless food and water supply, shelter from the elements, and countless places to hide - our homes can't help but be attractive to mice. Unfortunately, some things we do in our homes are basically putting out the welcome mat for mice – and a few simple changes could help make your home a little less attractive to rodents.

Start with the Outside:

  • If you can make your home less attractive to mice on the outside, you can prevent them from getting inside. So, start by looking at the landscaping.
  • Remove any bushes and brush located against the foundation of your home as it gives mice a place to hide around possible entrances to your house.
  • Keep your trash cans tightly covered and move them away from your home.
  • If you have bird feeders, keep them away from your home and storage sheds. In your storage shed, use shelves to keep things off the floor and store items inside tightly sealed metal or glass containers.
  • Stack woodpiles on racks that are eighteen inches above the ground.
  • Seal all cracks and crevices in your foundation with caulk or spray-on sealer. Stuff steel wool in larger holes and then cover with outdoor caulking. A mouse can fit in the tiniest of openings, so be thorough with your checking and sealing.

Making the Inside Unattractive to Mice:

On the inside of your home you can...

  • Try to eliminate any sources of food that mice could get into.
  • Sweep after every meal.
  • Wash floors thoroughly on a daily basis.
  • Make sure to wash down countertops and stovetops to eliminate any trace of crumbs.
  • Store your cereals and bread in sealed glass containers.
  • Bird seed and pet food should also be stored in sealed glass or metal containers.
  • Fix dripping faucets and pipes to eliminate water sources.

The cleaner you keep the inside of your home, the harder it is for mice to find a source of food and the less attractive it becomes.

When Mice Get Inside:

Unfortunately, sometimes mice will still find a way into your home even if you actively take steps to prevent them. And, if you have one mouse, you probably have many since they reproduce quickly and are very social creatures. If you spot signs of a mouse, call on American Pest Solutions for professional rodent control service. We'll help you get rid of the rodents and prevent future infestations from occurring.