Spring Cleaning Tips To Avoid Pests

mother and daughter spring cleaning

The time has arrived. Pack up your sweaters, peel the plastic off the windows, and break out the cleaning supplies. Spring cleaning is in full swing. This year, make sure you do a little more than wipe the dust and wipe the walls. Maximize your efforts to keep the spring bugs out, too. These spring cleaning tips will help you avoid spring pests so you can have a peaceful summer.

When the temperatures reach 60 degrees or higher, and the warmer temperatures stick around longer, pests begin to emerge from their hiding spots. The bug problem you thought you dodged will begin to manifest as you see beetles, spiders, and ants all start crawling around your home. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to get rid of them, prepare your house for summer.

A few spring cleaning chores can spruce up your home and keep the pests out. These 5 favorites should do the trick.

  1. Clean out the ventilation system - Clean out your home’s ventilation system, have the AC serviced, and replace the air filter. This will clear out the bugs that have been hiding, and it will stop others from entering. Plus, the cleaner your ventilation system is, the better you and your family members can breathe.
  2. Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum - Your vacuum cleaner will get quite a workout this season. Don’t just vacuum the floors, pull up the rugs, run the hose through the dressers and the couch cushions, vacuum alongside the carpet, and even pull out everything from underneath your bed to get a deep clean. While you are at it, vacuum out your pantry and get underneath the fridge, too.
  3. Wipe and sanitize - Wipe down all the counters and cabinets with a sanitizing solution. Make sure you cover all the hard surfaces. Pay close attention to the cabinet shelves and corners, as bugs and other pests like to feed on leftover crumbs and hide in dark spaces.
  4. Take out the garbage - Take out the garbage and wipe around the trash can area. Before you replace the bag, sanitize the trash can. You should also take out the outside garbage and debris, too. Remove grass clippings and other yard debris away from your home. When you store your cans outside, keep them covered and away from your home.
  5. Repair and replace - Inspect your home. Be on the lookout for cracks in the foundation, torn or worn weatherstripping, holes in your screens, and broken siding. Replace, fill, or repair any openings where pests can enter your home.

Don’t forget to add a phone call to American Pest Solutions to your spring cleaning to-do list. American Pest Solutions will complete a thorough inspection of your home, make recommendations for treatment, and implement a pest control program that helps you combat seasonal pests all year long. The only way to truly get rid of bugs is with professional help, so don’t tackle the spring cleaning mission on your own. Call today to schedule your appointment with American Pest Solutions.