Bug Identification

A petri dish with bugs inside

There are a lot of bugs in the world! There are big bugs, small bugs, and bugs you can barely see. Some spread harmful bacteria from trash cans and sewers to places we set food down or dish cabinets. Some incubate pathogens and make us sick with diseases. Some destroy our homes and eat away at treasured keepsakes. Some plague us with their bites. If you have bugs, we can understand why you would want to properly identify what bug you have. At American Pest Solutions, we make it easy. Here are two ways to figure out what's bugging you.

1. Find the bug in our online pest directory.

When you click the menu button on our page and select "Pest Identification," it brings you to our pest directory. There you will see pictures of some of the common pests that invade homes in our service area. From these images, you can scroll down to more information about these pests.

Our pest directory pages are brimming with helpful information. You'll find details on size, shape, color, and other visual characteristics. You'll learn where these creatures find shelter and what damage they cause when they do. You'll learn dietary facts that will give you insight into what items you need to protect. There is a ton of information to be found. But, most importantly, these pages are designed to help you figure out what pests you're dealing with.

2. A professional inspection.

Can't find your bug in our pest library? It isn't surprising. There is a lot of variety when it comes to invertebrates. You might have a species that looks different from what we have featured in our pages or you may have a bug we have not highlighted yet. No worries. Reach out to us for a free evaluation. We'll send an educated professional to your home to identify those bugs for you. How sweet is that?

When it comes to pest identification it can be pretty tricky. There are a ton of bugs in the world. Fortunately, when you have American Pest Solutions on your side, you don't have to wonder what those bugs are, or how they can affect your family and your home. We give you two easy ways to figure out what bugs you're dealing with.

We also give you an easy way to take care of those bugs. When you get a free evaluation you won't only learn what bugs you have, you learn how they invade, what issues they can cause, and what pest methods work best to control them. And, if you want, we'll take care of the ugly business of getting rid of them for you.

At American Pest Solutions, we make it easy to identify bugs, and even easier to make them go away. Call for your free evaluation and send those bugs packing.