Why Do I Have Cluster Flies?

Cluster fly

There is only one thing worse than having a fly land on your sandwich, and that is having hundreds of flies invade your home. If you've been finding groups of flies emerging from your walls, there is a good chance they're cluster flies. Here's how you may have gotten them.

Cluster flies are an overwintering insect. That is to say, they get into homes in the fall to keep from freezing in the winter. These are cold-blooded creatures that rely on external heat sources to maintain a safe body temperature. In nature, cluster flies congregate on large flat rocks or the sunny side of trees to get warmth from the sun before they eventually find a log or a hole to hide in. But, if food sources drew them into your yard, they probably chose to sun themselves on the side of your home and found an entry point in your exterior walls.

Once cluster flies get in, they are very hard to get out. While it is easy enough to vacuum up the flies that are lounging on your window sills, more are likely to take their place. The real problem is inside your wall voids, and to deal with that, you're going to need the help of a professional. 

Why did cluster flies come onto my property in the first place? 

Adult cluster flies are not dirty garbage-eating flies; they eat nectar. If you have flowers in your yard, your property will be attractive to these flies. Once in your yard, cluster flies will spend their days planting eggs in the soil. This is so that their babies (larvae) can find and infest earthworms and use them as food. It takes just over a month for these flies to go from egg to adult and start congregating on the side of your home.

Cluster Fly Control

Homeowners have little success in controlling cluster flies. These flies don't need much of a gap or hole to get in through. And, these entry points can be in hard-to-inspect places like the roofline, eaves, soffits, and chimney. If you want to keep these nuisance flies out, it is important to get pest control from a professional. But it is important to keep in mind that when you have year-round pest control you'll be controlling a lot more than just nuisance pests like cluster flies. Your service plan will cover a lot of other pests that can sting, bite, spread illness, and damage your home.

Can you live with cluster flies? Yup. You sure can, but who wants too? It is so much better to live without them. Consider getting year-round pest control from American Pest Solutions, and keep all the bugs and wildlife out of your home.