It's Baking Season, Beware Of Pantry Pests

A close up image of a pantry pest on top of bread crumbs

Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of reaching into a canister of flour to measure out the needed amount only to find that the flour is actually moving seemingly all on its own? It only takes a moment for the realization that there are worm-like creatures throughout your flour to hit and for the horror to set in. The first thought that hits you is, “I wonder what other items in my pantry they have found?” which is quickly followed by, “I wonder if they were there unnoticed when I whipped up those pancakes yesterday morning?” If you have never had this horrifying experience, count yourself lucky and take it from those of us who have, this is not an experience that you ever want to face – especially while preparing your holiday fare.

You may think that you are safe from pantry pests because it is December but pests don’t take time off for the holidays. In fact, I think they may even gear up for them. After all, there is always so much more food and pantry staples around for the holidays—the perfect smorgasbord for pests. And there is nothing that can make your heart sink faster than finding bugs in your flour or sugar, knowing full well that there is just not enough time during the busy holiday season to deal with an infestation.

With Christmas and New Year's fast approaching and a ton of baking to accomplish in a very short amount of time, consider the fact that it would be so much easier, cost-effective, and time-saving to put measures in place to avoid pantry pests before they become a problem. There are some things you can do to help keep these creatures from choosing your pantry to invade. Begin at the grocery store. When choosing which items to place in your cart, be sure to inspect the packaging for tiny holes, tears, or rips that pests have either made or have used to access your product. Bringing pantry pests home from the store is the number one way they get into your home. Next, take the time to inspect your home and fill in any cracks, gaps, or holes you discover in your foundation. Make sure you have door sweeps on exterior doors, and that screens in windows and doors are intact. Also, be sure to remove your newly purchased goods from their original packaging and put them in airtight glass or plastic containers for storage in your cupboard. Be sure to rotate your stock on a regular basis, and discard outdated items as soon as possible.

Once you have put all of these helpful steps in place, be sure to contact American Pest Solutions for year-round pest protection services. Our trained and certified specialists know how to safely eliminate pests from your home and can implement exclusion techniques combined with applications to ensure that pests do not become a problem in the future. With our PestGuard home pest control service, you will never have to worry about pests interrupting your holiday cooking again.