Spooky Halloween Spiders

A laughing little boy tosses a spider at a scared little girl sitting on a sofa

Do you have a friend who just loves to scare you on Halloween? If you do, you have inevitably had the "fake spider" trick played on you. It might have been hiding in a box. It could have been attached to a string and dragged over you. It may have landed on you from above. Fake spiders are one of the easiest ways to scare your loved ones around Halloween. Why is this? Well, because spiders are weird-looking. Think about it. Take someone you think isn't weird looking at all and add some spider attributes to them. Take Chris Hemsworth, for instance. He's a pretty good-looking guy, right? There’s nothing weird about him. Now, give him 2 more legs and 2 more arms. That would make him more weird-looking. Then, slap 3 more pairs of eyes on his face. We rest our case. Spiders are weird.

Even though spiders freak us out, that doesn't stop millions of people from putting them in their windows or dangling them from a porch beam around Halloween. Spiders are great for giving your home that Halloween "creep" factor. You'll make big ones to sit in a chair or small ones to adorn your window sills, and you'll even put some fake web up to add to the effect. Spiders are the perfect addition to a Halloween theme, as long as they're fake.

If you'd prefer to not have real spiders crawling around your home this fall (or finding their way into your wall voids to wait out the winter) here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Spiders eat other bugs. If your Halloween decorations attract bugs, you'll also be attracting spiders.
  • Flying insects are drawn to white light. Try to use insect-resistant yellow lighting in your decorations.
  • Insects are also attracted to rotting fruit. Make sure you wait a couple of days before Halloween to display your carved pumpkins.
  • If you have hay bales, those objects will draw in bugs and the spiders that eat them.
  • Spiders hide in things. When you put out Halloween decorations, you could attract spiders and then have a real spider waiting to surprise you.

These tips can help you reduce a spider invasion this fall, but if you want to fully exclude creepy pests from your home, you're going to need the help of a professional. A pest control company will make sure your exterior walls are sealed and protected from spiders and other creatures that search for a place to overwinter. Here at American Pest Solutions we specialize in all things creepy crawly and can keep your home pest-free this fall. Give us a call and get your defenses up this Halloween to keep those creepy pests outside, where they belong.