Mice Problems On The Rise In Hartford County CT

A mice crawling on the floor

In recent days we’ve received calls from homeowners in Farmington, Windsor, and Hartford County, CT concerned about mice in their homes. Given that the temperatures are in the 30’s, it’s really not surprising. They’re cold! They want warm shelter and if there happens to be a kitchen to forage in all the better.

Mice are needy. They need food. They need water. They need shelter. As the cold weather sets in, mice and other pests are looking for a place that provides all three of these elements. Unfortunately, our homes fit the bill. So what can you do to prevent mice, other rodents, and pests from making your home their winter getaway? Pest proof!

Pest proofing (also known in the pest control industry as pest exclusion) is the first line of defense in the battle against mice (and other pests). It consists of sealing any opening that a rodent or insect could fit through. For mice, that’s any gap or hole that is a quarter of an inch or more. For advice on how to seal your home and other pest-proofing tips, check out this blog post

Now if you’re thinking what’s the big deal, they’re just tiny mice? Sure, they are small in stature but don’t be deceived by these rodents. Mice are dangerous. They are a health hazard and a threat to your home and belongings. Click here to learn more about the risks associated with mice

If you’ve discovered mouse droppings in your kitchen drawer, have heard mice scurrying around in your walls and overhead at night, or spotted a mouse in the house, contact American Pest Solutions for advice on how to get rid of mice.