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Posts with the tag: "Winter Damage"

Record-breaking Snowfall Helps Ticks In Massachusetts

August 10, 2015

You'd think with the winter we just had that Massachusetts would be free of ticks, but according to Catherine Brown, Veterinarian for Massachusetts Department of Public Health, it may have only made the problem worse. > Read More

Winter Damage   tick prevention   Ticks and Diseases


How The Bitter Cold Winter Affects Pests

March 6, 2015

It has been a long and cold winter for all of us, including the pest population and they are always looking for a place to shelter them from the elements. Those harsh temperatures, wind and ice can make your home an easy target. Taking a proactive approach and staying vigilant during the winter… > Read More

winter pests   hartford exterminators   Winter Damage


Winter Pest Warning

February 6, 2015

They should have one of those emergency alerts for household pests. It would start with that really annoying test noise, followed by, "There is a pest warning for the following counties…" After all, winter and pests go hand in hand, don't they? Here are some things about winter that can lead… > Read More

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