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Mild Winter Means More Ticks

February 14, 2017

For those who are not the biggest fan of Old Man Winter, much of this year’s weather has been a dream come true. Very little snow and warmer than average temperatures thus far has ensured that taking your daily walk with your favorite puppy pal didn’t have to stop for the season. Many of us have… > Read More

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Ticks Active In Springfield, Massachusetts

November 18, 2016

So, you like the outdoors and you spend your time walking, biking, hiking, or maybe even hunting or harvesting the last of what is left in your garden. Maybe your kids are spending a lot of time in the crisp fall air. The snow will start to fall soon, so you will want to get as much outdoor time as… > Read More

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Stockbridge #7 In MA For Highest Rate Of Lyme Disease

August 27, 2015

At American Pest Solutions, we care about the communities we serve, that is why we're making this public service announcement for residents of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Heavy snowfall has increased tick populations across the state. This has added to the already alarming number of Lyme disease… > Read More

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Record-Breaking Snowfall Helps Ticks In Massachusetts

August 10, 2015

You'd think with the winter we just had that Massachusetts would be free of ticks, but according to Catherine Brown, Veterinarian for Massachusetts Department of Public Health, it may have only made the problem worse. > Read More

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