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Fruit Flies Everywhere!

September 24, 2015

Flies are not an uncommon commodity in Hartford or any other corner of the world. There are many species of flies—houseflies, fruit flies, drain flies, cluster flies, and even the small fungal flies—none of which are welcome guests. > Read More

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Mosquitoes Are Out In Mass

May 28, 2015

That's right. Large quantities of blood sucking insects have started taking to the air all across Massachusetts. It happens every year. In fact, it is so predictable, they've been given their own season: mosquito season. But, just because their reemergence every year is inevitable, mosquito bites… > Read More

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Well, Hello There Mr. Cluster Fly

April 9, 2015

Let's get to know the not-so-adorable pest known as the cluster fly. By getting quickly acquainted with this disgusting insect, you may find the understanding you need to keep this dirty pest from driving you crazy. Let's take a look, shall we? > Read More

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Spring Pest Prevention Tips For New England Homes

March 30, 2015

What a winter this has been! New England has had quite a cold and snowy season. Spring is finally a blip on our radar. What a welcoming thought this is! Sun shining, green grass growing, flowers blooming, birds singing and spring pests making their journey inside our homes. WHAT?! Wait, spring pests… > Read More

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