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Is It Dangerous To Have Crickets In My Western Massachusetts Home?

June 11, 2021

Have you ever sat on the front porch of a cabin in the woods, or a townhome on the plains, after dark and just listened to the sounds of the night? It can be euphoric and peaceful hearing all the tiny crickets playing their individual love songs. It is enough to make even the most bug-hating person… > Read More

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Springfield's Ultimate Step-By-Step Cockroach Control Guide

June 4, 2021

Have you ever wondered to yourself why cockroaches invade homes? These pests are built like tiny tanks and are considered to be one of the most durable creatures on the planet. What is it about our living areas that draw these pests inside? We will be answering this question today and breaking down… > Read More

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Six Easy Ways To Make Your Hartford Home A Fly-Free Zone

April 20, 2021

Hartford is not only the capital of our state but it is also a hub of attractions for those far and wide--including flies. While there are many kinds of flies, they all bear the commonality of belonging to the ‘Diptera’ order and having one pair of wings. > Read More

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Why Silverfish Invade Western Massachusetts Homes

April 14, 2021

Ever flip a light switch and see a silvery, bristled insect scurry across the floor? You’ve encountered a silverfish, a very common nuisance pest in Western Massachusetts. Silverfish aren’t harmful  but they can startle you and they like to eat common household items. That’s… > Read More

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