The Ticks That Keep on Ticking in Hartford

November 14, 2019

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There’s no better way to welcome fall in New England than by taking a long hike to see the gorgeous fall colors in the woods. Fall has perfect weather in Hartford, it’s a great time to get outside. But, although you may not be swatting at mosquitoes, you aren’t clear of pests just yet. Ticks can pose a threat well into the fall. They can stay alive when the weather starts to drop by attaching themselves to a warm host. That could be a wild animal, a pet, or even you. We’ve gathered some helpful information on how to avoid run-ins with ticks this fall.

Hartford Ticks

There’s more than one type of tick active in Connecticut. You may encounter deer ticks, lone-star ticks, or dog ticks. Any of these can attach themselves to just about any mammal, including humans. Ticks are tiny insects, smaller than a fingernail, full grown. They are oval-shaped and look flat. They can range in color from grey or brown to yellow or reddish.

Tick Dangers

Ticks need a host body in order to survive, since they feed on blood. They can often be found on wild animals, including rodents. When they’re not attached to an animal, they may wait in shady, moist areas where there’s dense foliage, waiting for their next meal. You’re most likely to encounter ticks outdoors, but you can come into contact with them after they’ve been dropped somewhere by a passing animal. Tick bites don’t usually hurt, and the itching isn’t unbearable. However, they can transmit dangerous diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease. Though not every tick will leave you with a disease, it’s definitely a good idea to avoid being bitten.

Preventing Ticks

Be aware of areas that are high-traffic areas for ticks. These are heavily wooded areas or locations with thick plants and shade to keep ticks cool. If you’re spending a lot of time in nature, always inspect yourself, your pet, and your family before coming back inside. Wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts can help prevent ticks from finding exposed skin, and bug-spray may help keep them away. If you have pets, your vet can recommend tick and flea prevention.

Ticks in Your Home

Though you’re most likely to run into ticks in the middle of the forest, they can also show up in your home. During the fall, ticks are often carried into homes on the backs of mice and rats. Rodents can carry hundreds of seed ticks at one time. When rodents get into your house seeking warmth, the ticks come with them and they can quickly spread from there. If you’re worried that you might have ticks in your home, or if you want better prevention, American Pest Solutions can help. We have years of experience in dealing with ticks. Plus, by calling American Pest Solutions, you can solve a tick problem and a rodent problem at the same time. We offer year-round pest protection to keep you worry-free all year long. Ticks may still be active, but we can keep them out of your home.

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