Effective Strategies For Squirrel Control: Tips For A Squirrel-Free Western Massachusetts Property

A squirrel climbing a closed window

Most people don’t mind seeing squirrels outdoors. However, when these pests begin trying to move into your home, garage, or outbuildings, they can become quite a nuisance. They are resourceful creatures that can find a way inside through cracks and gaps that are so tiny, that you may not notice them unless you’re looking for them.

If you are seeing and hearing signs of squirrels invading your home, you need help with squirrel removal in Western Massachusetts. At American Pest Solutions, our team has the experience and knowledge to combat these pests. We can deploy techniques that remove the animals without harming them, while also taking steps to ensure that they don’t return.

Squirrel Behavior And Biology: Insights For Effective Control

One of the reasons why our team at American Pest Solutions is so effective at squirrel control in Western Massachusetts is because we spend time learning more about how these creatures live. Through our study of their biology and behavior, we are able to develop solutions that work.

Our squirrel control methods take all of this information into account, ensuring we don’t miss a trick that these pests try to introduce. For example, we know that squirrels need to store food for the winter, which they may try to do inside your home. We can look for signs of food storage that indicate the presence of a nest. We also know that squirrels often try to move indoors just before wintertime, looking for a safe, sheltered place to spend the cold months. We know where to look for signs of this type of squirrel behavior.

Should you decide to try to tackle the squirrel infestation on your own, it can be dangerous. Our team knows that squirrels are apt to attack you when they feel threatened or trapped. We use this knowledge to figure out the best way to remove these rodents without exposure to potential bites.

Squirrel-Related Health Concerns: Handling Droppings And Disease Risks

Beyond the damage these creatures can cause, all types of squirrels can expose you or your pets to disease. They can cause sickness for dogs, cats, and humans alike. Some of the potential diseases squirrels can carry include tularemia and ringworm. They also can serve as a home to pests you never want to see around your home and pets, including fleas and ticks.

Should you need to handle squirrel droppings, you could expose yourself to dangerous pathogens. Our pros at American Pest Solutions know how to handle droppings from Western Massachusetts squirrels safely.

Tips For Squirrel-Proofing Your Yard: Protecting Your Home And Garden

One of the best tips for controlling squirrels is to make your home and property less appealing to them. Look for any gaps in your home’s exterior. Squirrels will chew to widen these holes, allowing them to gain access. Trim back branches from trees near your home to make it harder for squirrels to move from the trees onto your home’s roof.

Squirrel Control Done Right: Contact The Experts Today!

DIY squirrel control simply isn’t the most effective option. These animals know how to beat traps and how to squeeze into tiny spaces. You also may not be certain how to safely remove nests and how to clean up the mess they leave behind. Our team at American Pest Solutions has more than 100 years of experience eliminating pests of all types in Western Massachusetts. We know the dangers that squirrels can bring to your pets and family, and we are not satisfied with our work until you are.

When you are ready to receive an evaluation regarding your squirrel problem and to learn how we can help, reach out to American Pest Solutions today.