What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bug on skin

Okay. Let's say you're sitting in a cab and you see a bug crawl across the driver's seat in front of you and disappear over to the other side. Would you pay much attention? You probably would if it was a spider. You know that there are many spiders that are poisonous, and the last thing you want is a nasty spider bite; but a tiny bug that looks a little bit like a beetle probably wouldn't give you much cause for concern, would it? Here are a few reasons why it should. 

  • Bed bugs are hitchhiking bugs. If you see one, it should be the warning sign that keeps you from bringing an infestation back to your home.
  • A bed bug infestation can start from a single female bug or a batch of eggs. If you get one bug inside your clothing or that bug lays eggs, it could be the beginning of a home infestation.
  • Bed bugs have been found infesting all forms of public transportation and many public venues such as libraries, office buildings, clothing stores, movie theaters, and more.

Know a Bed Bug When You See One 

There are many ways to visually identify bed bugs: 

  • Bed bugs are insects. That means they will have six legs, two antennae, and three body parts. The first two traits will help you recognize these bugs, but that last one probably won't. The head and the thorax of a bed bug can look like one body segment.
  • Bed bugs have stripes. The abdomen of a bed bug has darkened horizontal stripes that can look like creases.
  • Bed bugs have black coloring inside. If you're looking at a bed bug that is large enough, you may see dark black areas inside the abdomen of this insect.
  • Bed bugs are rust-colored. Depending on the lighting, they can also appear blood-colored--which is helpful to recognize them as blood eaters.
  • Bed bugs are generally oval in shape; but if the bug you are looking at has had a recent blood meal, it will look more pill-shaped. Female bed bugs are also pill-shaped.
  • Bed bugs are tiny. The size of the bug depends on what stage of development it is in. It can be as small as the tip of a pen or as large as a pea. 

A bed bug infestation can be a real nightmare. Learn to recognize bed bugs when you see them and take measures to keep them from coming home with you.

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