Roach Removal 101: What It Takes To Eliminate An Infestation In Your Hartford Home

Cockroach on table

Belonging to the order Blattodea, cockroaches are common pests that enter homes and businesses in Hartford seeking sources of food, water, or shelter. More than 4,000 various cockroach species exist throughout the world and roughly 70 types are found in the U.S. Some of the most common types found in this area include American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches.

How to get rid of cockroach infestations? Property owners are encouraged to choose the pros when it comes to handling these undesirable and unhealthy pests. An experienced Hartford pest control professional receives training regarding the behavior of the most common types of cockroaches that invade homes and businesses in this area. Qualified specialists know how to get rid of big cockroaches quickly and safely.

Physical Characteristics Of Roaches: How To Identify Them

Cockroaches have oval-shaped bodies that commonly range from ½ of an inch to 2 inches long. Their bodies have six legs and long antennae, and although most types have wings, they are typically very mediocre fliers. The characteristics of the three most common types found in Hartford are as follows:

  • German cockroaches: Despite being one of the smallest types of cockroaches found in this region, German cockroaches are among the most problematic for homes and businesses. German cockroaches typically measure about ½ of an inch long and have two distinctive dark stripes.
  • Oriental cockroaches: With dark, shiny bodies that measure approximately one inch long, Oriental cockroaches thrive in areas of significant moisture. Once indoors, Oriental cockroaches are often found below leaky plumbing, near drains, or in laundry areas.
  • American cockroaches: With bodies that often reach two inches long, American cockroaches are among the largest species found in the U.S. American cockroaches have a mahogany appearance with yellowish markings and wings that will allow them to take flight.

Cockroaches are primarily nocturnal pests. When they are indoors, cockroaches will generally remain hidden during the daytime and emerge at night. Therefore, an infestation may develop for several weeks or months before being detected.

Health Risks Of Roaches: The Dangers Of Cockroach Infestations

What diseases do cockroaches carry? Cockroaches routinely travel through trash and have exposure to dangerous parasites. Some of the problems associated with cockroaches include salmonellosis, E. coli, and several others. When larger infestations develop inside a home or business, accumulations of shed skin and feces may cause harmful allergic reactions among those with sensitivities.

Professional Roach Extermination: Call The Experts Right Away

What is the best product to use for cockroach pest control in Hartford? Too many homeowners try do-it-yourself pest control options that are promoted by online retailers and local home improvement stores. Weeks later, many of these individuals find that cockroaches represent a very resilient type of home-invading pest that requires treatment performed by a pest management professional.

Preventing Cockroach Infestations: Tips For A Roach-Free Home

Why are there cockroaches in my house? There are a number of reasons why homeowners experience problems with cockroaches. Effectively preventing cockroaches begins by limiting attractants such as crumbs on kitchen floors or sinks filled with dirty dishes. Another key to stopping cockroaches involves implementing exclusionary measures that prevent indoor entry. For example, install sweeps along the bases of exterior doors and fill any cracks around the exterior of the structure that might serve as entry points.   

The home pest control professionals in Hartford with American Pest Solutions have many years of experience providing pest control for roaches. Our experts understand the importance of eliminating the infestation efficiently and safely. Keep in mind that our team of friendly professionals also recognizes the importance of providing high-quality customer service and ensuring complete satisfaction.

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