Western Massachusetts Homeowner's Guide To Bed Bug Control

Bed bug biting someone's skin.

Bed bugs are tiny creatures but can torment you both physically and mentally. Psychologically, they are among the worst pests that can infest a home, causing stress, sleepless nights, and anxiety. They reproduce very fast and are good at hiding, making it difficult to eliminate them. Fortunately, you can rely on Western Massachusetts pest control experts like American Pest Solutions Inc. to help eliminate them.

The main problem with bed bugs is that they will spread and infest a whole building and the neighboring structures when left untreated. In this article, you will learn how to identify bed bugs, why they can't go away on their own and are hard to prevent, and the best way to permanently get rid of bed bugs.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs in Western Massachusetts aren't difficult to identify. The only problem is that they like to hide during the day and only appear at night. And when you put the light on, they run and hide. Bed bugs are about 1 mm to 4.5mm long, rusty, tan, pale brown, and oval-shaped. They have six legs attached to their flat bodies. If fed well on blood, they look reddish-brown and have a balloon-like shape. They produce a "musty-sweetish" smell, which can worsen if you crush them. These bugs lay tiny, pearl-white eggs that you can find in mattress or bedding folds, cracks in walls, furniture, etc.

Bed Bugs Won't Just Go Away On Their Own

Bed bug removal by experts is necessary because these pesky creatures will never go away on their own, provided there is a constant food supply. The main reasons why bed bugs won't go away on their own include the following:

  • They feed on blood: So long as you and your loved ones are in the house, they will get their constant blood supply and have no reason to move away.
  • They multiply very fast: Bed bug infestation can start with just one or a few bugs. Each female bug can lay one to seven eggs a day, and the eggs transition to adults very fast. So, the eggs will take their place even if you kill the adult.
  • They can live for a long time without food: Bed bugs can go for as long as four months without food. So, even if you go on an extended vacation, you will come back to find them still hanging around.
  • Bed bugs can survive high temperatures: Bed bugs are more resilient than most pests. You can only kill them by exposing them to a temperature of more than 118F for a few minutes.

With the information provided above in mind, you can see that you need professional bed bug control techniques for your home.

Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Prevent

You may be surprised that bed bugs have invaded your new home and wonder where they came from. These bugs are difficult to prevent because there are many ways in which they can come into your home.

Some places you and your loved ones can pick bed bugs include libraries, offices, children's daycare, a friend's house, hospitals, public transport, colleges, universities, and schools. There is no way you can avoid visiting these places. A friend of yours or that of your kids can also bring bed bugs to your home. Another way they can reach your home is by hitching a ride on second-hand furniture and other items. They can also crawl from your neighbors' apartments to your home.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In My Home Permanently?

Professional bed bugs control services in Western Massachusetts are the only way to permanently eliminate bugs from your home. At American Pest Solutions Inc., we treat all types of pests and have programs that help prevent pest re-infestation. We have trained and licensed pest control experts who will restore sanity to your home. Call us today if you are facing a bed bug infestation problem.