Ant Control Tips For Western Massachusetts Homeowners

pavement ants on ground

Ants are common insects with six legs, antennae, and a distinctive thin “waist” or petiole that connects the thorax and the abdomen. Most ant species measure from 1/16 of an inch to ¾ of an inch long and appear in a range of different colors.

Ants often form large nests (colonies) in exterior areas near homes. As omnivores, ants enjoy the majority of foods that humans consume and will enter homes when possible. Some of the species that typically plague homeowners locally include carpenter ants, pavement ants, and odorous house ants.

Western Massachusetts area property owners often need help with determining the best ways how to get rid of small ants. Professionals with many years of experience in residential and commercial pest control in Western Massachusetts understand how to remove ants from the property and how to keep ants out moving forward. American Pest Solutions is just such an expert team.

Easy-To-Spot Signs Of An Ant Infestation In Your Home

The most definitive indicator of an emerging ant infestation is the presence of live ants. Because of their strong sensory skills and abilities to emit pheromone chemicals as they travel that act as signals to other colony members, a rather small ant intrusion will quickly escalate into an unmanageable infestation. Here, home occupants will notice a massive throng of ants that extends back to points of entry.

Accumulations of sawdust-like material are also evidence of carpenter ant activity, as these pests burrow through wooden parts of a structure. Unlike termites, they don’t consume the wood, but that doesn’t make the damage any less concerning.

Why Ants Can Be So Problematic For Homeowners

One reason why ants in Western Massachusetts create challenges for property owners is that certain colony members keep busy actively foraging for food—and the homes of humans are a likely source. Do ants sleep at night? Researchers explain that although ants adhere to a recurring sleeping schedule, they usually describe this as a resting period, not nearly a dream-like, human type of sleep.

Although most ants found in homes are no major risk to human health, they carry germs that promote food-borne illnesses. Keep in mind that carpenter ants often create costly property damage when invading a home.

Five Eco-Friendly Ant Prevention Tips

Preventing ants from entering your home and creating an infestation begins with understanding what attracts ants to indoor areas. Some of the most common methods for avoiding ants include the following:

  1. Limit attractants around the exterior areas adjacent to a home by cleaning up thoroughly after cookouts, removing fallen fruits, and not placing pet food bowls on the deck or patio area. 
  2. Trash bags containing food scraps, both indoors and outdoors, should always remain in sealed garbage receptacles that prevent access.
  3. Avoid leaving dirty dishes scattered in sinks or on countertops overnight 
  4. Keep kitchen floors free of crumbs or spills, and regularly wipe counters and sinks clean. 
  5. Prevent access indoors by filling cracks that form around the external foundation, repairing torn window screens, and sealing openings around exterior doors and windows.

While the aforementioned strategies represent viable preventative measures that homeowners should consider, large, existing ant infestations typically should receive professional treatment from a pest control company.

The Trick To Completely Getting Rid Of An Ant Infestation

Are you wondering how to get rid of ants indoors? As with the majority of home-invading ant species, these pests often demonstrate resiliency that exceeds the realistic capabilities of most of the mass-marketed home pest control products sold today.

After notifying the home control professionals with American Pest Solutions, one of our trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your Western Massachusetts area home and assess the extent of the infestation, the likely points of entry, and other important factors. Next, our ant control treatment options will swiftly oust these creatures from the premises. Contact our team of local professionals today for a consultation.