What Every Western Massachusetts Resident Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bug crawling on someone's skin.

If there is one place in the home you want to be a pest-free zone, it is your bed. No one wants to think about sharing sleeping space with spiders or bed bugs! The thought of bed bugs feasting on you while you sleep is upsetting. There was a time in recent history when we thought bed bugs were a thing of the past, but they have made a resounding comeback and are in our homes again.

If red bites appear on your body and you haven't been in the yard or fighting mosquitoes, you need the Western Massachusetts pest control professionals from American Pest Solutions. We have been providing quality pest control for over 100 years; we know how to stop bed bugs in your home so you can sleep peacefully!

Identifying Bed Bugs In Western Massachusetts

How do you know if what is biting you is a bed bug, a spider, or a mosquito? The following description will help if you wonder what bed bugs look like:

  • Size: About 1/4 inch long (adults)
  • Color: Reddish-brown (fed bed bugs); mahogany (unfed)
  • Appearance: Swollen and elongated (fed); flat and oval (unfed)
  • Legs: Six legs

Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, but the almost translucent nymphs are difficult to see. From the above list, notice that the bug's appearance depends upon whether it has eaten a blood meal or is famished.

Although you may not see the bed bugs, you can identify their presence by other signs of bed bug infestations. Evidence of bed bugs in your home includes a musty odor, cream-colored eggshells, stains on surfaces, and red bites on your skin.

Look for early signs of bed bugs behind the headboard, baseboards, around the buttons on mattresses, inside box springs, and picture frames. If you locate their hiding places, you will find an entire group of bed bugs.

Typical Habits Of Bed Bugs

During the day, bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices about the width of a credit card. Bed bugs do not like light, so they conceal themselves near their hosts (pets and people) in dark, undisturbed spaces. Once they finish consuming a blood meal, they leave the host and retreat to their hiding place. Most bed bugs stay within eight feet of the host.

Bed bugs are social creatures who live in groups. If a host is no longer available, the bugs will move to another location by hitchhiking on luggage, clothing, shoes, furniture, and other household items.

Although bed bugs feed mainly at night, they do not keep a predictable feeding schedule. If the host is resting and the bug is hungry, it will eat during the day.

Can I See Bed Bugs If They Are On My Furniture?

If a bed bug is actively moving, you may see it on your furniture; however, the bugs usually stay hidden in the crevices. When examining for bed bugs in the furniture, look for rust-colored stains on the fabric portions, yellowish skins from the nymphs, white or transparent barrel-shaped eggs, and bed bugs.

When examining furniture, place the item on a white sheet. Then inspect the item using latex gloves and a flashlight, magnifying glass, and tweezers. Keep a container nearby, and using a thin knife, pick up any eggs you find and deposit them in the container.

Bed bugs hide on the upholstery, in crevices where the upholstery and wood meet, and in cracks in the wood or joints. If you vacuum the furniture, empty the contents into a bag. Place the sealed bag in an outside container away from the house.

Professional Bed Bug Removal Services

It is difficult to eliminate bed bugs from homes, and DIY solutions are rarely successful. Our team at American Pest Solutions uses the latest techniques to get rid of bed bugs like K-9 dog inspections. Once we determine the location and scope of the problem, our skilled technicians apply treatments available to only trained pest control professionals. Contact us today and schedule a free evaluation.