Pest Spotlight: Pigeons In Western Massachusetts

A pigeon standing on a concrete ground

Most people like animals because they are cute, different, and react to human interaction. However, there are some animals we don't want on our property; one of those pests is pigeons. We don't desire pigeons because of their reputation for being dirty and obnoxious. 

If you have pigeons on your property, you need western Massachusetts pest control professionals from American Pest Solutions. Our family-owned company has been eliminating pests in homes since 1913.

How Do I Know If I Have A Pigeon Problem On My Property?

There are two signs indicating pigeons on your property. The first is the presence of firm white-brown droppings that look like small marbles. The fecal matter and urine of the pigeons accumulate near their nests and food sources.

The second sign is the nest. Unlike a bird's nest, a pigeon's nest is a disorderly conglomeration of grass, pine needles, and other debris. A pigeon's messy nest is gross because they do not remove their droppings, raise successive generations in the nest, and reuse the nest. As a result, the messy pigeon's nest is full of droppings and discarded feathers. 

The third indication of pigeons on your western Massachusetts property is the location of the nests. Birds tend to build their nest in trees and bushes, but pigeons will create nests in attics, ledges, eaves, and on top of roofs. If you see nests with these characteristics combined with droppings on the property, you need pigeon control for your western Massachusetts property. 

Is It Safe To Feed The Pigeons In Western Massachusetts?

It is not safe to feed pigeons on your property because attracting pigeons to your property makes you vulnerable to the following:  

  • Disease: Pigeons may be carriers of several diseases like cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. Pigeons leave behind droppings, and a fungus common in pigeon droppings may cause histoplasmosis. 
  • Pests: Although pigeons have a historical reputation for carrying paper messages to distant lands, they are transportation providers for fleas, lice, mites, and ticks. 
  • Danger: Pigeons leave an abundance of fecal and urine at feeding sites creating the potential for slips and falls. You don't want to risk someone getting injured on your property due to pigeon poop. 

It is not safe to feed pigeons on your property. If you have been providing food for the pigeons, and they are overtaking your location, you need pigeon pest control

Do Bird Nets Keep Birds Away?

Most western Massachusetts homeowners do not want an abundance of birds on their property due to the mess and safety hazards. One method used to stop birds like pigeons is bird control netting. 

Gardeners and owners of commercial buildings use bird nets to keep pigeons away. The effectiveness of netting as a pigeon control product depends upon the construction and the fitting. Not all bird nets will work for pigeons; use the correct weight, size, and material to stop pigeons. Also, the webbing must be tight with no gaps around the structure or garden.

Although nets can be helpful as a pigeon control method, they deteriorate over time and need replacement. If you use netting, monitor it for birds and rodents that may get caught on the web. The nets will keep the birds away because, when utilized correctly, they prevent them from accessing food sources and nesting locations. 

How To Deter Pigeons

You can get rid of pigeons on your western Massachusetts property by eliminating access to food, removing bird baths and other areas of standing water, destroying pigeon nests, and allowing your pets to chase the birds. Of course, don't feed the pigeons! 

Because removing pigeons from your home can be difficult and make you vulnerable to the diseases and pests they carry, use the experts from American Pest Solutions. We have the tools and experience to remove pigeons from your location. Contact us today and get a free evaluation.