Are You Struggling With Paper Wasps In Western Massachusetts?

a paper wasp nest

Not many would visit your home or business if they saw swarms of flying insects. Regardless of how attractive your property appears, folks won’t risk being bitten or stung. If you want to retain guests, customers, or partners, you’ll need to invest in pest control in Western Massachusetts. Different types of wasps plague the region, including paper wasps.

Wasp nest removal in Western Massachusetts is paramount. Most stinging insects carry potent venom, the effects of which can vary from person to person, and animals can be impacted as well. Given that they thrive in organic environments managing their populations is challenging. Learn more about the paper wasp species and how you can defeat them. American Pest Solutions can intervene. Our approaches are the best way to get rid of wasps.

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like?

Paper wasps are about 1 inch long. Yellow markings decorate their brown bodies, and they have black wings. It’s easy to get them confused with bees, but their frames are more elongated, narrow, and slender. They prefer to hang their nests in sheltered spaces, like roof eaves, door frames, window sills, and foundation voids. Seeing them buzz by confirms an infestation.

Besides open windows and doors, structural gaps are entry points for paper wasps. The cocoons they create are unmistakable. Upon drying, they resemble wads of paper because they consist of plant material and saliva; they will have an umbrella shape. Subsequently, these pests are alternatively called “umbrella wasps.” Since the nests are heavily matted, you can’t see the interiors. This subtype stands out from the different types of wasps because of their shell formation. 

How Dangerous Are Paper Wasps?

The ecosystem relies on the activities of pests to remain balanced. Wasps contribute to their pollination and feeding byproducts. While these critters are helpful to the planet overall, they shouldn’t be allowed to fester on your property.

Wasp prevention is essential because:

  • Severe physical and allergic reactions to their venom may occur, as they can quickly sting you several times.
  • Medical attention may be necessary.
  • Skin inflammation and pain are classic symptoms. 

A professional's accurate wasp identification is pertinent to ensure proper treatments are employed.

Five Paper Wasp Prevention Tips

Suitable wasp prevention doesn’t include retail insecticides and “do it yourself” tricks. Such items aren't made to handle an infestation and will have shortcomings. In addition, they’re usually noxious and expensive.

Avoid these tactics and use these five tips:

  1. Keep Things Cut: Mow the lawn and trim the greenery on a routine basis. Discard yard debris, and plug ground holes you find.  
  2. Be Careful Planting: Place flowers at least two feet away from the property. Try not to overseed or overwater them. For gardens, use eucalyptus and citronella with repellent properties.
  3. Stay Tidy: Wash gutters and vents regularly. Have clean porches and roof eaves, and don’t leave food outside.
  4. Store Well: Put fare and trash in secure canisters.  
  5. Contact American Pest Solutions: We can eradicate critters on your property that wasps prey on.

Never try to eliminate wasp nests on your own, even if it appears to be empty. One lone bug can harm you.

The Safest Form Of Wasp Control

If you need wasp nest removal in Western Massachusetts, reach out to us at American Pest Solutions. We have plans curated by a board-certified entomologist and use safe industrial-grade home pest control treatments. We’ll address eaves, peaks, overhangs, shutters, and more with our expert technicians trained in precise wasp identification. Call today for immediate assistance and a free evaluation! It's the best way to get rid of wasps!