Having A Hard Time Deterring Pesky Birds In Western Massachusetts?

A bird spreading its wings on a roof

Birds can be a big problem for residences and businesses in Western Massachusetts. Pigeons especially are a major concern in the area. These birds are actually dependent on humans for food and shelter and are often seen around agricultural areas as well as in cities. If you’re worried about pest birds near your home or business, call American Pest Solutions, your number one source for pest control in Western Massachusetts.

How Can I Tell If The Nest On My Roof Is A Pigeon Nest?

Pigeon nests are usually made from sticks and leaves, as well as other similar materials that they find. Unlike the stereotypical bird's nest that’s woven together, pigeon nests can sometimes be as little as a pile of sticks.

You might also be able to identify the birds themselves. Pigeons are gray with some color variation, usually seen as shiny purple, blue, and green feathers around their necks and tails. If you’re unsure, it’s best to call in an expert to check the nest out. It’s always better to have professional guidance so you can be sure to effectively treat the bird issue.

All The Problems Pest Birds Can Create For Your Business

Pigeons can actually cause a lot of problems. They spread disease, cause damage, and can make an area look really dirty. Pigeons are known carriers of many diseases, including toxoplasmosis and salmonellosis. They can also carry fleas, lice, and ticks, and their nests can become homes to other pests. Pigeon droppings can carry fungi that then cause histoplasmosis.

Pigeon droppings also cause damage to buildings and statues. They’re acidic, meaning they actually wear away at structures. These droppings are also a slipping hazard, and, if we’re being honest, just do not look good.

Pigeons are an invasive species, which means that since they aren’t native to the cities they live in, pigeons can cause harm to natural ecosystems and other animals. This in turn disrupts cities as well. As pigeons take over food sources, spread disease and parasitic pests, and damage structures, they wreak havoc on everyday life and put your business at risk.

Factors That Attract Pigeons To Your Property

If you’re lucky enough to have a pigeon nest on your roof, it probably just means that your roof is in a good spot, it’s close to an easy food source, it’s comfortable enough for the bird to build a nest, and it’s close to other resources that the birds need.

Investing in anti-bird or pigeon control devices, such as roof spikes, can help prevent nesting. Not everything will work on pigeons, though. Fake snakes or other items used to scare pigeons away won’t work for long. It’s better to try to make your roof less hospitable to the birds.

The Safe And Effective Bird Control Solution For Your Property

Pigeon treatment is difficult on an individual level. Many potential poisons are banned since they aren’t exclusive to pigeons and will harm other birds. Total pigeon exclusion and bird control can be difficult without the proper tools.

If you’re not able to keep the birds away on your own, American Pest Solutions is here to help. We offer residential and commercial pigeon control to help keep everyone safe. We’ll assess the situation and use what we learn from the inspection to figure out the best way to deter pigeons and other birds. You don’t need to struggle with nuisance pigeon control; let us handle the problem for you. American Pest Solutions is your best option when it comes to pest control in Western Massachusetts.