Tips To Effectively Remove Crickets In Western Massachusetts

House cricket on tile.

Chances are you’ve heard them before; crickets chirping loudly throughout the night outside of your home and disturbing an otherwise restful sleep. Your reliable pest control in Western Massachusetts provides effective solutions to restore your tranquil, noise-free nights.

At American Pest Solutions, we offer the most advanced pest control to rid your house of crickets. Read on to learn more about these disruptive insects and what you can do to eradicate them from your property.

Why Do Crickets Make A Chirping Sound?

As irksome as cricket sounds are, the reason these insects make noises throughout the night is an interesting one. Only male crickets chirp to attract females and discourage other males from appearing. When the male cricket rubs his two front wings together, he makes this high-pitched sound. There are different kinds of mating songs that cricket will use depending on the situation, such as a calling song, a courting song, and a triumphal song. There is also an aggressive song that male crickets will use to ward off other males nearby.

All The Ways Crickets Can Enter Homes

It’s common to find crickets outside, hiding behind tall grass or near trash bins. But what’s unusual is having to deal with crickets that have snuck into your house. Crickets are crafty critters and can access the interior of your home through the tiniest of spaces, like under a door with subpar weather stripping or in the corners of a closed garage door. They can also enter through cracks in your home’s foundation or siding. Any opening that leads to the outdoors is all fair game for crickets, including those holes for electrical cables. Crickets find homes with crawlspaces or basements especially appealing as they prefer warm, moist, and dark areas.

Six Cricket Prevention Tips for Western Massachusetts Residents

Some say that crickets have a charming quality - that is until they get inside your home and keep you up all night with their high-pitched chirping noises. It won’t take many nights of consistent sleep deprivation to want them gone immediately. Fortunately, there are six simple ways to prevent all types of crickets from intruding into your house and ruining your good night’s rest, which include:

  1. Sealing your door frames and windows
  2. Swapping your current outdoor bulbs to yellow lighting, which is not as attractive
  3. Drying moisture in areas like crawl spaces
  4. Removing wood piles and leaves from your yard
  5. Keeping your lawn cut low
  6. Eliminating insects that crickets like to eat

Whether crickets invade your home or remain outside, they can still disturb you throughout the night. To get rid of crickets in your house or around your property, contact your local pest control experts to ensure they stay away.

Keeping Crickets Out of Your Home

Experiencing good days always start with restful sleep. But that’s not the easiest to get when crickets are loudly chirping incessantly throughout the night. So, what’s a homeowner to do when you have crickets in your house that you can’t get rid of on your own? That’s the time to call in reinforcements in professional pest control to handle the situation for you.

At American Pest Solutions, our company has been in existence since 1913 and has only gotten better over the many decades to become the leading authority in the pest management industry. No other company is more well-equipped and knowledgeable with seasoned technicians to effectively eliminate crickets in Western Massachusetts. Let us strategize a plan of attack for your pest problem that suits your needs. Contact us today to request your free evaluation.