How To Find A Wasp Nest On Your Western Massachusetts Property?

Wasp on a leaf.

Although potentially dangerous creatures, many stinging insects provide natural benefits such as pollination and limiting the population of other insects. Unfortunately, many people unintentionally encounter bees, wasps, and other types and endure a painful sting each year.

Although they share some commonalities, bees, and wasps are distinct from one another. For example, bees generally have a rounded body style will some hair, while wasps have a smoother, long, and slender body. Unlike wasps, bees are generally not predatory creatures and consume a diet consisting of mainly nectar, pollen, and other plant-based materials.

The most common wasps found in this region are yellow jackets and paper wasps. Yellow jackets form large colonies that often house thousands. Depending on the subspecies, yellow jackets might nest below ground or in sheltered voids in attics, walls, or exterior siding.

Although still classified as semi-social creatures, paper wasps usually form smaller colonies and build nests attached to or suspended from trees, shrubs, and structural features. Wasps commonly arrive as uninvited guests during backyard cookouts and picnics and primarily gravitate toward meats and sweets.

Are you a property owner in Western Massachusetts that has discovered a wasp nest located on the premises? A licensed Western Massachusetts pest controller knows how to get rid of wasps in yard areas and the best ways how to deter wasps from seeking to form new nests.

How To Find A Hidden Wasp Nest?

What does a wasp nest look like? Paper wasp nests have a “papery” texture and an umbrella-like shape. Yellow jackets will nest in a variety of places, including the former homes of burrowing pests such as voles or gophers. In most cases, property owners will recognize the presence of these flying pests as they travel in and out of the nests.

What are wasp nests made of? Paper wasps mix together organic materials and saliva for use in forming nests. Similarly, yellow jackets mix together wood-based material with saliva for constructing nests.

What To Do Once You've Found The Wasp Nest

Wasp nests are often inadvertently discovered by property owners that are walking through yard areas or mowing their lawns. Unexpected direct encounters with wasp nests may result in potentially dangerous situations, particularly for people with allergies. Unlike bees, wasps have stingers that can sting their victims repeatedly.

Natural Wasp Deterrents For Western Massachusetts Residents

What are some of the best practices for deterring wasps from entering your property? Consider the following tips:

  • Avoid wearing fragrant lotions or perfumes when participating in outdoor activities.
  • Keep foods and drinks covered during cookouts, and remember to clean up food scraps and packaging materials.
  • In the spring, inspect the exterior for potential nesting sites and fill any holes in the ground or voids or crevices on the exterior.
  • Keep trash bags placed outside in sealed garbage receptacles.

When encountering wasps in outdoor areas, refrain from swatting at them or otherwise creating situations where these pests might feel motivated to defend themselves.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Wasps In Western Massachusetts

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