Should I Be Worried About Silverfish In My Western Massachusetts Home?

a silverfish crawling under a sink

Silverfish are odd-looking insects that get their name due to their resemblance to fish scales and are unfortunately common invaders of western Massachusetts homes. Like any insect that tries to set up shop in our homes, they creep us out and their presence is unnerving. Read on to learn more about how to identify silverfish infestations in your western Massachusetts home and how to get rid of them.

What Do Silverfish In Western Massachusetts Look Like?

The first step to identifying a silverfish infestation in your western Massachusetts home is to know what this insect looks like. Below are some signs the insect in your house is a silverfish:

  1. Color: No surprise, the silverfish gets half its name from the pearly-gray, shiny color that covers its body, often appearing as silver in color.
  2. Shape: Silverfish bodies are slender and narrow. They have a rounded head, and their body gradually tapers as it reaches the tail and end of their abdomen.
  3. Antennae: Like ants, silverfish have two front antennae on their heads.
  4. Tail: Silverfish have three appendages on the end of their body that resemble tails, and also look like their two front antennae.
  5. Wingless: A key feature of the silverfish is that they do not have wings, and if the insect you see in your home does have wings, it is definitely not a silverfish.

Signs Of Silverfish In Your Western Massachusetts House

If silverfish have invaded your western Massachusetts home, there will be key evidence of them. Below are some things you will notice if silverfish are present in your home:

  • Damage to papers: Silverfish feed on items that are high in starch and protein, and your books and important papers will be one of their favorite sources of food. If the pages of your books are chewed up, or your papers are shredded, this is a sign silverfish are present in your home.
  • Damage to clothing: Your silks, cottons, and other various fabric types are also nutrient-dense for silverfish. Evidence of a silverfish infestation will be seen in your closets, wardrobes, and other areas where you keep clothing, and, like your books and papers, you will see evidence that silverfish have been chewing on them.
  • Peeling wallpaper: Silverfish will also feed on the wallpaper in your home. If you have peeling wallpaper, or wallpaper is bubbling up, this is a sign of a silverfish infestation.

Do Silverfish In Western Massachusetts Bite?

Perhaps the only good news here is that while silverfish are often mistaken for venomous centipedes, they are, in fact, harmless to humans and do not pose a threat to human health the way other insects do, like cockroaches. Silverfish in western Massachusetts are not known to bite humans, or physically harm them in any way, even though they look creepy and like they would be capable of it. The damage from silverfish comes exclusively in their ability to destroy your important papers, books, and clothing, and their presence could indicate other issues in your home.

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish In Your Western Massachusetts Home

A quick internet search on how to remove silverfish from your home will provide you with dozens of DIY, at-home remedies you can try. However, these are constantly proven to be inefficient and they do not completely exterminate the infestation. The best way to get rid of silverfish in your home is to call the professionals at American Pest Solutions. 

Here at American Pest Solutions, we have more than 100 years of experience identifying and exterminating entire populations of invasive pest species in western Massachusetts. Our expert technicians are armed with the skills and tools needed to safely and effectively remove entire populations of silverfish in your home. Owning a home can be time-consuming, so let us worry about the pests. Call us today!