Are The Bed Bugs In Hartford Harmful To Pets?

Bed Bug crawling on someone's skin.

Hartford is the lovely capital of Connecticut, home of New England’s finest literary authors and, interestingly, many insurance companies. As quirky and unusual as this city is, it’s an incredible place to settle down with a family and pets. Any pet owner wants to make sure their furry family members are safe from pests such as bed bugs. How harmful are bed bugs in the Hartford area? Are your pets in danger from these sadly common pests? If you’re concerned about bed bugs bugging your precious pets, read on to find out how to keep these critters off your property.

What Are Bed Bugs And How Can They Bother Pets In Your Hartford Home?

Known as the ultimate “hitchhikers,” bed bugs are notoriously common. They hang around wherever humans tend to gather, such as homes, businesses, and public transportation areas. Bed bugs will latch onto a person or their belongings, and even their pets. Due to their small size and generally undetectable nature, it is easy for them to infest a home this way. Once they have found a warm-blooded mammal, bed bugs will bite the host and feed off their blood. These bites can swell and become itchy, leading to possible allergic reactions.

Although bed bugs don’t live on their hosts like other parasitical insects, their presence can still point to the existence of other bed bugs in your Hartford home—and an infestation. Humans are the main target for bed bugs, but pets remain at risk. Your pets are also warm-blooded mammals, so bed bugs are attracted to them. Bed bugs tend to avoid hair and fur, so any bites will generally be in areas with less fur, such as your pet’s ears and belly.

Aside from any itching and scratching, you may notice the bed bugs’ small, reddish-brown fecal spots in your pet’s bedding. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get rid of these pests on your own. According to professionals, bed bugs are some of the most difficult pests to treat. The best thing is to keep bed bugs from getting in your Hartford home in the first place.

How Can You Keep Bed Bugs Away From Your Pets In Hartford?

  • Clean your home often. Wash your bed sheets, your pet’s bedding, and vacuum your floors. Bed bugs are difficult to spot, but thorough cleaning habits may help keep them away from you and your pets.
  • Consult your pet’s veterinarian. They can keep an eye out for any possible bites, and offer tips on keeping bed bugs away from your pets.
  • Be vigilant when traveling. Inspect hotel bedsheets, mattresses, box springs, etc. for small blood spots, the bugs themselves, or their tiny eggshells.
  • When returning home from traveling, wash your clothes at the highest possible heat setting. This is the ultimate precaution to get rid of any bed bugs that may have escaped your radar.
  • Call the pros at American Pest Solutions for expert assistance. If you have bed bugs, or you just want to keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe as a precaution, we’re here to help.

Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Hartford With Help From American Pest Solutions

Bed bugs are a nuisance, but you don’t have to put up with them on your own. At American Pest Solutions, our team of trained professionals has the necessary tools to get rid of these elusive pests. Contact us right away for more information about our bed bug control options to help keep your household members from scratching and itching day in and day out.