What To Do About Yellow Jackets On Your Hartford Property

Yellow Jacket Wasp on its nest.

When you purchased your home, how much impact did the property around it have on your decision to buy? Most people value what is around their home just as much as what is inside it. The question we have for you is, what do you enjoy doing around your yard? Do you host outdoor cookouts? Do you have an area where your children play? Maybe you just enjoy sitting on your porch and looking out into nature. Regardless of what you like doing outdoors, yellow jackets are a threat. If you suspect these pests are establishing or have established a nest in your Hartford yard, here is what you need to know.

Where Do Yellow Jackets Build Their Nests?

Yellow jackets are versatile pests. This is partly seen in where they build their nests. Some construct nests out of chewed-up paper on the sides of buildings, in trees, or on the sides of other sturdy structures. Others construct nests inside empty burrows created by ground pests like gophers and voles. These nests are the ones you should be most concerned about as they are difficult to spot and easy to accidentally step on.

The Reason Yellow Jackets Invade Properties

Yellow jackets will not build their nests just anywhere. These pests require the area they build in to provide them with their most basic needs. Most often yellow jackets construct their nests near sources of food. If you didn’t know, these stinging insects live on a diet of sweets and meats. Some things that might attract them to your property are cook-out food, flowers, honeydew, pet food, open beverages, and insects. These pests will also be encouraged to build a nest on a property if they find a secluded area that will keep them sheltered from the elements, like a hole in the ground, a space beneath the eves of a house, or spacing around the roots of a tree.

The Dangers Of Yellow Jackets

All stinging insects are dangerous, however, not all stinging insects are as aggressive as yellow jackets. That said, yellow jackets are not always more aggressive. These pests are most likely to sting during late fall as they protect their queen’s transition into hibernation. If you have an allergy to insect venom, be extra careful around yellow jackets as one of their stings could cause you serious harm. To find out if you are allergic to these pests, consult your doctor.

Some Prevention Tips To Keep Away Yellow Jackets

To stop yellow jackets from building their nests on your property you have to take away their reasons for invading. To help you do this, here are a few simple prevention tips we recommend.

  • Pick up fruits and berries that fall into your yard.
  • Clean up thoroughly after outdoor gatherings.
  • Avoid feeding your pets outside.
  • Fill in holes and burrows around your yard.
  • Install a fence that extends underground around your garden and yard.
  • Remove budding plants like flowers from your property.

A Simple Solution To Yellow Jacket Nests

Once yellow jackets start a nest, they will continue to build on it as long as there is food nearby. To safely remove a fully mature nest from your yard, involve the professionals at American Pest Solutions. We have invested the time, energy, and money into our wasp control so that you do not have to put your health at risk while trying to deal with these dangerous pests.

Contact us now to learn more about our comprehensive service options or to schedule an emergency service visit for your Hartford property.