Four Easy & Effective Ways To Reduce Mosquitoes Around Your Hartford Property

Mosquito biting human skin and sucking blood.

Mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous pests in the world -- not because they are big and scary, but because they spread dangerous diseases and parasites. Knowing how to reduce mosquitoes around your Hartford property can protect you from these dangers.

Where Do You Encounter Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are flying insects with long, needle-like noses that they use to suck blood from people and animals. It’s this parasitic lifestyle that makes them such efficient spreaders of diseases. They can spread pathogens directly from bloodstream to bloodstream. Reducing their populations, and knowing where you’re likely to encounter them, is a matter of personal health:

  • Vegetation: Mosquitoes rest on tall grasses or within the foliage of trees and bushes. While they will fly and land on just about anything with a pulse, they tend to wait in overgrown areas for something to wander close before exerting the energy of flying.
  • Water: Mosquitoes need water to reproduce, as their egg clusters need the moisture to stick together and incubate. Mosquitoes thrive in moist, humid areas, but they will find and gather near the tiniest pool of water -- even in harsh desert climates.
  • Indoors: Mosquitoes go where the food is. With their wings, they can easily follow you inside before you close the doors and windows, and they can even make it through ventilation systems.

How Dangerous Are They?

When we think of nature’s most dangerous animals, we tend to think of lions, sharks, or bears, big ferocious things that can do a lot of damage with a quick bite. But nature’s deadliest creatures are actually its smallest. Insects like mosquitoes, which spread numerous diseases, are responsible for more deaths throughout history than all the apex predators combined. Controlling mosquito populations is a global health mission, and organizations and countries all over the world track the spread of diseases through mosquito populations.

Mosquito Prevention & Reduction

Taking these simple steps around your property can help reduce the likelihood of a mosquito infestation, so you will be protected from their bites:

  • Landscaping: Since mosquitoes wait around for food sources to get close, it’s important to make sure that potential landing pads in your yard are kept to a minimum. Well-trimmed grass is less attractive to mosquitoes, and frequent pruning of trees and shrubs will keep foliage maintained, too.
  • Moisture control: All kinds of pests look for water, including mosquitoes. Proper lawn drainage will prevent pools from forming outside but it’s also important to take steps indoors. Maintain pipes and install good vents in humid rooms or areas where pests will be attracted should they get inside.
  • Screen maintenance: Every window and door to a structure should have a screen in order to provide a crucial extra barrier to keep out pests, especially flying ones like mosquitoes. Once installed, regularly inspect them for holes or tears and make repairs if needed.
  • Lawn treatment: The surest way to make sure mosquitoes stay away is through safe, chemical treatments applied by pest experts. Turn to your local professionals for seasonal or year-round mosquito solutions.

Professional Help Is A Call Away

With the dangers of mosquitoes being what they are, it’s best not to take a chance on an infestation. With expert guidance from your local pest professionals, you can stay up on all the prevention steps that help control pest populations around your property. But even vigilant property owners can find themselves with mosquitoes buzzing around, and only professional treatments can fully repel these insects. Trust American Pest Solutions for superior protection and elimination of mosquitoes and other dangerous pests.

Don’t risk the dangers of a mosquito bite, turn to American Pest today.