The Secret To Keeping Paper Wasps Out Of Your Springfield Home This Summer

a aper wasp on a wooden fence

There are many flying bugs that people can’t tolerate. Flies can spread diseases and swarm around food. Mosquitoes put a damper on outdoor events. Bees make frightening buzzing noises and can sting... Wasps are among the flying pests that Springfield residents don’t like. Similar to bees, they can sting. They have many subspecies; some are less aggressive but are still dangerous. Paper wasps are an example. While paper wasps help stabilize the environment by consuming other bugs and pollinating, they’re risky to have around. Learn how to prevent them with assistance from American Pest Solutions.

What Do Paper Wasps Look Like? How Do They Behave?

Paper wasps can be slightly less than an inch long, or a little more. They’re dark brown and have yellow markings and black wings. Color-wise, they are sometimes similar to a yellow-jacket. They have narrow bodies. Sheltered spaces are what they need for nesting. Thus, they can be seen around the following:

  • Foundation voids
  • Window sills
  • Roof eaves
  • Attics
  • Door frames

If you spot them buzzing in those areas, you probably have an infestation. They’re certainly building a home nearby. Common entryways for them are structural gaps and open doors and windows. 

The name “paper wasp” comes from the appearance of their nests. They form them using plant material and mend it with their saliva. When it’s dried, it looks like paper. You won’t be able to see the many interior slots because the shell is thick. The shape resembles an umbrella, which is why these insects are often called “umbrella wasps.”

Paper wasps sting when they feel threatened. It’s difficult to predict what will cause them to feel that way, so it is important to try to avoid them. Should they sting you or a loved one, it will be very painful. Some individuals might have an allergic reaction to their venom. It could be mild or intense and necessitate medical intervention. Be advised that wasps can strike multiple times in just a few moments.

How Can One Prevent Paper Wasps?

Paper wasps have access to human quarters because of their proximity in yards and gardens. Greenery and living organisms found on lawns draw them in because they consume nectar, pollen, and other insects. Food and liquids left on porches and in garbage cans attract them as well. That in mind, keeping paper wasps away will involve cleaning and tending to your landscaping:

  • Groom and trim your bushes, plants, and shrubs.
  • Have greenery several feet away from your front door.
  • Keep your lawn, vents, and gutters free of trash and debris.
  • Make sure your garbage can has a tight lid.
  • Routinely remove garbage.
  • Regularly clean your porches and roof eaves.
  • Clean up spills on your porch, and don’t leave food out.
  • Call American Pest Solutions if you have other bugs wasps can eat.

What Can American Pest Solutions Do About Paper Wasps?

Paper wasps are no trouble for us at American Pest Solutions. We’ve helped Springfield home and business owners prevent and/or exterminate them for over 100 years. You may be considering removing a wasp nest by yourself, but that would be a bad idea. They’re easily frazzled and will attack you. An attempt at independent control isn’t worth a potential sting or trip to the hospital. 
Our specialized techniques will be performed by board-certified trained technicians. Any nests will be gone with proper care. Further, we’ll apply treatments that will reduce the chances of a recurrence. Call us today for a free evaluation!