Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes In My Hartford County Yard?

A mosquito biting human skin

When spring hits and then summer comes, one of the most dreaded pests you’ll deal with is the mosquito. Mosquitoes have a reputation as one of the most annoying insects out there because they love to fly around humans in search of a blood meal. These bites usually aren’t painful but do leave you with itchy, red marks.

While we're sure you know that mosquitoes are obnoxious to have around, people don’t always realize just how dangerous they can be. You likely also know that mosquitoes can spread diseases, but the truth is that they are the deadliest pests on the planet because they transmit some of the worst diseases worldwide.

Knowing what mosquitoes look like is helpful because other flying insects look similar.

  • They are small flying insects with translucent wings.
  • They have a long nose-like appendage that the females use to suck blood.
  • They have rather long legs and antennae.

What Attracts Mosquitoes To Your Yard?

Mosquitoes are a big problem in your yard because they can transmit diseases from host to host, such as the West Nile virus. Luckily the vast majority of mosquito bites won’t lead to illness. However, it’s still important to keep them away as a protective measure, and understanding what attracts mosquitoes in the first place is vital.

  • Standing water: These insects are attracted to areas with standing water; this is where they lay their eggs. If you have water features, pools, and hot tubs on your property, they are appealing to them. Also, living near natural water, such as rivers or lakes, will attract them to your home or business property.
  • Excess vegetation: During the day, mosquitoes live in dense vegetation such as brush and shrubs. So, if you have an overgrown yard, this gives them a great place to hide until they come out around dusk.
  • Strong smells: Mosquitoes will also hang around you if you’re wearing strong-smelling perfumes or recently worked out because they are attracted to sweet or strong smells. You’ll also draw mosquitoes if you leave food outside.

How To Prevent Mosquitoes

Because of the risks associated with mosquitoes, knowing some ways to prevent them can be helpful. However, mosquitoes can be a rather difficult pest to prevent and even harder to get rid of, so taking steps to deter them can’t completely guarantee you won’t have mosquito problems.

Here are some tips for preventing mosquitoes in your Harford County Yard:

  • Remove standing water sources on your property.
  • Make sure to treat water features, including hot tubs and pools, with the proper chemicals. Use covers, if possible. 
  • Clean out gutters.
  • Make sure that water can drain properly after rainfall.
  • Get professional pest control assistance.

Eliminating Mosquitoes From Your Yard

Because mosquitoes are so dangerous, protecting your family from them is essential. Mosquitoes can be particularly difficult to eliminate because they tend to exist in large numbers in certain areas making it hard to get rid of them yourself. The best way to reduce mosquitoes around your yard is to contact the pest control professionals at American Pest Solutions.

Our mosquito control involves applying effective pesticides every three to four weeks while the weather is warm so that you can trust mosquitoes won’t bother you all summer.