Secret To Keeping Pest Birds Away From Your Hartford County Property

A close up image of a pigeon's head

Among the extensive band of human-irritating creatures in the animal kingdom, when most imagine pests, tiny, creepy crawlies like insects and arachnids are the most likely to come to mind, or perhaps even small mammals like mice. Nevertheless, even birds can be pests of a feather.

Most often encountered in urban areas, pest birds local to Hartford County, such as pigeons and doves, are often ignored or even encouraged to find homes in citied environments after being fed by their human neighbors. It may seem harmless, but it’s important to realize that when you toss breadcrumbs and other foods their way, you’re encouraging dangerous growth in the populations of these troublesome pest birds.

The Dangers Of Pest Birds Hanging Near Hartford County Properties

Unless a bird is infamously aggressive and territorial, such as the goose, or abnormally large for the animal class, like the ostrich or emu, most do not consider avians a particularly dangerous collection of creatures. Pest birds, as their title would denote, can certainly be annoying, but don’t be quick to write them off as nothing more – their presence can trigger potent threats to your very well-being.

Pest birds, like the pigeon or dove, are potential carriers for a number of diseases. Get too close to one of them, and you may be pecked or clawed at, with the added bonus of possibly contracting a strand of salmonella, toxoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, encephalitis, or other viruses. The birds’ excrement, an even bigger threat in its own way, can send all these illnesses and more airborne, so steer clear! These bothersome birds are not just problems on an individual basis, but a liability to your business! On top of potentially poisoning your employees or clients, pest birds find their way into ventilation shafts and will settle down and cause disruptions or damage to the units. Similarly, if the avians choose to build their nest in an open gutter, the subsequent blockage will trigger overflows or possibly leakage that can bring about damage to your roof or walls, respectively.

Tips For Discouraging Pest Birds Around Your Hartford County Property

Whether you reside in an urban house or manage a business in a municipal territory, you’ll need to protect your Hartford County property from the dangers of pest birds. The first step in accomplishing this task relates to preventative steps you can take to dissuade the feathered pests from seeking out your building. Some steps to follow:

  • The most important thing you need to do in order to discourage nearby pest birds is to eliminate the potential nesting places around your property. If you have any trees, trim or prune them as seen fit.
  • Don’t stop there! You need to keep your building itself free of roosting areas. Watch over any viable ledges and distribute obstructions evenly to ensure birds have no space to settle down and build their nests.
  • Spread the knowledge of these pests to everyone who resides or works at your Hartford County property – specifically in regard to feeding them. Warn these people about how, when they choose to give the birds food, they are encouraging the continuous return and ease into comfortability of these animals in human environments.
  • Continue to remove food sources by assuring all adjoining trash cans or dumpsters are kept closed and if at all possible, tightly sealed. Pest birds might not eat from these containers, but they may still provide a wealth of materials with which to build nests.
  • Be wary of water a pest bird would need to drink from or wash off in! Maybe you don’t have a birdbath on your property, but that doesn’t mean you’re clear. Sources as innocuous as a gutter may serve as a problem area, so keep your drainage clean and doubly efficient.

A lot of people think that just because these birds aren’t as small and buggy as most pests, they can’t be a real problem. For this reason, not every pest management company is prepared to treat them properly. If you are in need of a specialized pest bird control program, contact the experts at American Pest Solutions right now! They have multiple programs and trained technicians available to protect you, your home, or your business. Call American Pest Solutions today!