Spring Cleaning Against Summer Spiders

a log legged house spider crawling across the living-room floor of a new england home.

Spring means warmer weather and a fresh clean start for us, as well as insects. The increased activity in insect pests will cause spiders to also become more active. Your springtime “to-do” list might already be getting longer and longer each year. Spider prevention and clean-up don’t have to end up on that list, even though you dread their return, and the dangers that come along with them.

Let's face it, the biggest problem is all of the other insect pests that will invade your home for food, shelter, and moisture. Professional pest control may just end up being your best friend that can lighten the load of your “to-do” list.

Avoiding spider infestations in your home

This summer's spider infestation will probably involve the common house spider. They will leave behind unsightly webs that make your home look cluttered and untidy. They can cause fright to some people who see them crawling around or dangling from a doorway. Most spiders contain some sort of venom, but only enough to make a tiny red welt that isn’t serious.

There are a few spiders that are considered more dangerous but are very rare in New England. These spiders, the brown recluse spider, and the black widow spider are usually brought in on packages or cargo from out of the area. In any event, people don’t want any type of spiders invading their home.

If you are someone who doesn't want spiders cohabitating with you inside your home, you can try some of these spider prevention tips:

  • Block off entry points, like cracks, crevices, broken screens, and gaps around doors.
  • Check wood, boxes, bags, and packages before bringing them indoors.
  • Make your home unattractive to spiders by eliminating their sources of (insect pests) and water (leaky faucets and pipes).
  • Remove spider webs on a regular basis.

How to remove spiders from your property

If you want to make your life easier and be guaranteed your home is spider-free, American Pest Solutions in New England can provide all of the solutions you need. They can control all of your pest problems, including spiders and the insects that attract spiders. Our specialists are knowledgeable and have the experience and tools to exterminate spiders and other pests efficiently and effectively.

For complete protection, you can strengthen your pest control defense with our professional spider control. American Pest Solutions services are comprehensive and use EPA-approved treatment products and methods that are guaranteed. You can’t get that with DIY methods that are costly, time-consuming, and usually fail to solve the problem at its root.

If you are looking for spider and insect control or you have lost the battle on your own, give us a call and chat with us about what we can do to help. We have 100 years of experience in pest control behind us, and we are here to help you find the right plan that fits your needs and your budget. To schedule an appointment, contact American Pest Solutions today!