Why Hartford County Ants Require Professional Attention

Large colony of Carpenter Ants on a Hartford sand pile.

Spring can be a nice welcome after the cold months of winter. It means snow melting, trees budding, and the promise of warmer weather. As our Hartford weather begins to warm up, the activity of some pests will begin to increase. Ants are among the pests we see emerging as spring arrives. The more warm weather, the more breeding and spreading occurs. The colony will expand, spreading into new territory to accommodate the growing number. This means the ant piles in your yard may spread to ants inside your walls and home.

There are several species of ants that may enter your Hartford home. Mainly a nuisance since they come in large numbers, they can also be potential threats to your health and home. The most common ants we see are pavement ants and carpenter ants. Both of them are capable of contaminating your food supply. They will eat human and pet food. To know what problems pavement ants can bring, read our blog Summer Brings Pavement Ant Problems. On top of eating the food in your pantry, carpenter ants will also cause costly damage to your home as they build their nests inside wooden structures. Learn more with our previous carpenter ant blog. For ant identification, take a look at our Pest Identification page. It’s important to catch infestations as soon as possible in order to prevent food contamination and severe damage that ants can cause.

Controlling an ant population can be difficult to do. Knowing you have an ant infestation can also be difficult. Usually, only a few ants are seen traveling around the home, but it’s hard to know what’s happening behind your walls. Professional ant control can have many benefits compared to DIY methods. DIY methods tend to be ineffective because they eliminate a few ants, but not all. Other factors may play in, such as using the wrong type of bait and methods that aren’t scientifically proven. Professionals know exactly how an ant colony works and how to treat it. They will be able to determine the level of activity within a home. Not only will they locate areas of high activity, but they’ll be able to identify what species you’re dealing with and assess any damage that’s been done.

The professionals at American Pest Solutions will partner with you to eliminate the ants in your home and prevent future infestations. We want homeowners in our area to enjoy the warm weather that’s coming without worrying about pests invading their home. With our customized solution, you can trust us to take care of your pest needs. American Pest Solutions even provides prompt, 24-hour answering service to residential customers. Schedule your free evaluation or call us for immediate assistance. We look forward to serving you.