When Will Tick Season Begin In 2019?

Tick on a leaf

Did you know that ticks don’t hibernate? It’s true that ticks become more active in warmer weather, but this can happen in winter as well. If there are mild temperatures during the winter, ticks will be breeding and searching for hosts just as they do any other time of year. Even in our harsh winters, they’re able to survive by attaching to warm-bodied hosts, hiding out in animal dens, or simply by going dormant during freezing temperatures. This means that as soon as our weather begins to warm, ticks are ready. Since they don’t hibernate or die off in the winter, tick season is less definable. However, as soon as temperatures are above freezing, their activity will noticeably increase. Spring and Summer are high activity seasons for ticks.

It’s extremely important to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from ticks this year. Lyme disease in New England is on the rise from year-to-year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 30,000 cases are reported of Lyme disease each year, but other sources suggest that 300,000 people may be infected each year. The deer tick is a carrier of Lyme disease, and we have plenty of those crawling around Massachusetts and Connecticut. This means we’re all at risk for contracting the disease. Protection is necessary.

What can you do as a homeowner?

This spring and summer, there are a few ways you can help protect against ticks. Pick up insect repellent and be sure to spray yourself before going outdoors. Inspect yourself after being outside. It may be helpful to wear light colors to make the ticks more visible. You should also talk with your veterinarian to learn the best ways to protect your pets against ticks. For more information, read Are You Ready For Tick Season?

It’s never too early to start tick prevention. In fact, we recommend year-round control. At American Pest solutions, we understand that each season brings its own set of problems that attract ticks. Take a look at our year-round approach to tick control blog. Knowing how ticks work in each season provides us with a way to target and reduce their populations. For example, ticks often enter yards because they’re on rodents that enter your yard. Therefore, preventing rodents from coming onto your property can also decrease the number of ticks.

American Pest Solutions will work with you to keep you, your family, and your pets safe during 2019’s tick season. Take the first step today in reducing the ticks in your yard.