What’s Attracting Cluster Flies Around My Home?

Fly on a leaf.

Cluster flies are similar to ordinary house flies, but are a little larger and are a dull grey color with distinct stripes behind the head. They also have some golden hairs on their thorax. These are flies that zoom around outdoors and invade homes in the fall as the weather begins to get cooler. When they do invade, you may find them congregating in entryways, walls, attics, or other warm areas inside your home. They are attracted, sometimes in large numbers, to warm windows and vacant rooms that don’t have much activity. During colder weather, you may find them buzzing around lethargically and sometimes spinning around on the floor, looking very confused, in a crazy dance that makes them look like they are dying.

Cluster flies are generally not capable of doing any damage to your home, nor will they bite you, but their enumerable bodies may clutter your floor and furnishings as they begin to hibernate. This can be unpleasant to see, and a huge chore to take care of properly.

It’s safe to say that cluster flies are annoying and that they can be disconcerting when they invade in large numbers. But, unlike ordinary house flies that can contaminate food and food surfaces, cluster flies do not pose a health risk. Cluster flies lay eggs inside cracks in soil and will use earthworms as food sources. Once hatched, they feed on the earthworm. They will then stay warm inside a home. After the cold weather passes, the cluster flies will “wake up” and want to go back outdoors, accumulating once again inside warm windows and vacant rooms. However, dangerous or not, even though they are just looking for a warm place to hibernate, they are not typically welcome guests in any home, any time of year.

To thoroughly evacuate all the cluster flies in your home, windows, and walls, you will need the effective solutions of a professional pest control company. American Pest Solutions is here to help. Our experienced pest control technicians can take care of your cluster fly problem, especially during the ideal time to treat for cluster flies (which is usually from August through September). Give us a call any time for more information about our pest control services at American Pest Solutions.