The Threat Summer Bed Bug Infestations Pose To Bristol Residents

Bed bug up close

If it wasn’t bad enough that bed bugs can cause sleepless nights, allergies, itchy bites, and just be a downright nuisance for Bristol residents, these parasitic pests have recently been linked to transmitting a parasite that causes Chagas disease, similar to that of their cousin the “kissing” bug.

Recent studies have shown that bed bugs can carry and transmit this predominant and fatal disease, primarily in South America. Chagas disease is not spread by bed bug bites, but rather by the feces that they leave on their sleeping hosts, often around the face or a break in the skin. Another problem is that bed bugs come into contact with human hosts much more frequently than the “kissing” bug, so the potential risk of humans contracting Chagas disease from bed bugs is much greater. Chagas disease can cause fever and swelling and, if ignored, can cause congestive heart failure and be fatal.

In addition to the Chagas disease problem, bed bugs are hard to get rid of due to their hardiness and resistance to insecticides. Bed bugs don’t need to feed daily but can actually live up to 5 months without a blood meal! Though these pests prefer warmer temperatures of around 70-80°F, they can actually survive in extreme hot or cold conditions by going dormant to conserve energy. In order to effectively eliminate all stages of bed bug development, temperatures would have to remain at least -22°F for three or four days or reach over 117°F. In short, these pests can survive many extreme conditions, which is why they are so difficult to eliminate once they have invaded.

It is important to understand the steps you can take to prevent an infestation, understand, however, if you already have an infestation, you will not want waste your time with DIY methods and products that will fall short of eliminating the entire problem; at American Pest Solutions, we offer complete bed bug control services and guarantee effective results. We start our bed bug treatment service with a K-9 inspection by our specially trained bed bug dogs to determine the extent of the infestation quickly, simply, and efficiently. Then, depending on the specific results of the inspection, our professionals will treat the areas of concern to eliminate the bed bugs hiding out in your home.

For all your Bristol bed bug control needs, call on American Pest Solutions!