Why Holiday Visitors Could Bring Bed Bug Hitchhikers With Them

A close up image of a bed bug

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year. There are gifts to buy and wrap, cards to send, decorations to put up, and parties to attend. All of this is in addition to all the usual day-to-day activities you have to do, such as work and school. If you’re hosting guests over the holidays, you really don’t want to worry about whether they have brought along uninvited visitors, but it is a real possibility.

Although summer is the peak time of year for bed bug activity, fall is the peak time of year when bed bug populations increase. All summer these tiny pests were carted around from vacation to vacation. They moved from one family to the next until, at last, things settled down and vacations gave way to the more routine, scheduled days of autumn. Bed bugs have settled down, too. They have moved in with the last people they hitched a ride on into a warm, cozy indoor space. Once they've settled, they begin to reproduce and grow quickly in number.

Now that the holidays are upon us, another peak travel time is imminent. Bed bugs are excellent travelers. They crawl, undetected, into suitcases, backpacks, or purses. They may even hitch a ride on someone’s clothing or shoes. When your guests arrive, bed bugs can crawl around and make themselves comfortable - in your home.

Unfortunately, because of how they travel from place to place, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep bed bugs out of your home. You could ask to inspect your guests’ luggage before they bring it inside, but that could make for a rather awkward visit.

Instead, it’s best to be aware of the warning signs of a bed bug infestation. You can remain on guard. if you observe any of the warning signs, you can then eliminate the problem early on before it becomes a huge issue.

Warning Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Often the first warning sign of Bed Bugs is getting bitten by them while you sleep. If you find small red spots on your body upon waking, they could be bed bug bites.
  • Red dots on your sheets or pillow may indicate a bed bug infestation. These tiny specks of blood are left behind after they eat and are a sure sign that bed bugs have moved in.
  • Finding brown or black streaks on fabric or upholstery is indicative of fecal matter from bed bugs. Investigate further if you discover these signs.
  • Female bed bugs lay one to five eggs a day, and they go through several stages of development. If you find small, white eggs or empty bug casings, this could be a sign of bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs are excellent at hiding, but if you look around the headboard and footboard of beds, along the seams and creases in mattresses and furniture, behind picture frames, and along the edges of the wall, you may see them. Spotting them moving around in any of these areas is a positive confirmation of a bed bug infestation!

Why Pest Control Professionals are Best

If you find any of these signs and suspect you have a bed bug infestation, call the professionals at American Pest Solutions immediately. Bed bugs can hide deep in the recesses of your home. Many bed bugs are even pesticide-resistant. For these reasons, DIY treatments are almost never effective.

American Pest Solutions pest control experts are specially trained to deal with bed bugs. We have the latest technology and equipment at our disposal to completely eliminate your bed bug problem, whether big or small.

Don’t let this holiday season overwhelm you. Enjoy your guests with the knowledge that American Pest Solutions is here to help if the need arises.

Happy Holidays!