What Attracts Carpenter Ants To Homes In Springfield

carpenter ant in water damaged wood

Here in Springfield, there are several species of ants that can be a real nuisance if they find their way into your home. Ants such as the odorous house ants, pavement ants, and pharaoh ants are out in full force. With the wet spring that the East Coast has had this year, ants seem to be finding more and more ways into people’s homes. But when discussing ants, the worst of the worst has got to be the carpenter ant.

The carpenter ant, unlike other ant species, actually can do some serious damage inside your home. Once a carpenter ant swarm has chosen a location to start a new nest, they move right in and begin to chew through the wooden structure of the building. They do not eat wood, like termites do, but they do keep chewing through it to create more room for their growing family and to build tunnels for easy access to other areas of the home. Over time, this activity causes weakness in the framework and a very expensive repair bill for the homeowner.

During the spring, carpenter ants, like other ant species, have emerged from their overcrowded nest to branch off and find a new home of their own. Swarmers are born just for this purpose and these flying versions of the carpenter ant take off in a giant swarm looking for the perfect spot. They are generally looking for damaged or damp wood to make their new home. In a heavily wooded area, it is probably a safe bet that they will find a nearby dying tree; but close to any neighborhood, it can just as likely to be a home or outbuilding in the area. Over time, many of us experience some damage caused by excess snow or other natural sources under our shingles or behind the siding without realizing it. That water weakens the wood and attracts carpenter ants as a likely home. Carpenter ants will also find a human habitat appealing as they always have easy access to food and water right in our kitchens. This combination makes our homes an easy choice. Once they have found their way behind the walls, the swarmers lose their wings and begin to create their nest and begin to breed a new queen.

The carpenter ant population can expand much quicker than most people think; and there is a good chance that there is already an established colony when the family living in the home starts seeing these large, black ants racing around their kitchen or bathroom. That is when it is time to give American Pest Solutions a call. A carpenter ant nest can number in the thousands and can be deep within the walls of a building. It is not an infestation that anyone should take lightly. American Pest Solutions has a highly trained staff that is ready to help remove the threat of carpenter ants and protect your home from further damage. Give us a call today to learn more about our effective carpenter ant solutions.