Have You Seen A Bed Bug, And Didn't Know It?

Bed bug on skin

There are a lot of bugs that bite us and eat our blood. There are so many, we've almost grown numb to them. We swat them or flick them, and move on with our lives. But, before you squish a bug on your arm or leg and wipe it off your skin, you may want to take a quick look to determine whether or not that bug is a bed bug. Why? Because bed bugs are hitchhikers. And, proper identification of a bed bug could save you from an infestation in your home.

Before we get into talking about what a bed bug looks like, it is important that you understand that bed bugs can be almost anywhere. They don't just climb on you when you're at a motel or hotel. Infestations have been found in all forms of public transportation, and in a wide range of public venues, like movie theaters and libraries. Pest control companies have battled bed bugs in nursing homes, daycares, all types of schools, police lockups, police call centers, clothing stores, and many more. You can get bed bugs from just going to work.

You can also pick bed bugs up when you visit a friend or relative. Chances will increase if you have to travel or stay the night somewhere, but you can pick up a bed bug from a day visit. While bed bugs prefer to be active at night, it is not impossible for these bugs to crawl around in the daytime.

Bed bugs can also come home with your children. Whether you have little ones or big ones, they can unknowingly bring bed bugs into your home. Kids bring them back from sleepovers, from school, or from their daycare. Adult children bring them home from college. That is why it is important that they know what these bugs look like too.

What do bed bugs look like? When bed bugs first hatch, they have a skin that is mostly transparent and they are small--really small, but you may see one if it is feeding. Bed bug larvae look bright red when they fill with your blood. If you see a whitish bug with an abdomen full of your red blood, and that bug has six legs, there is a good chance it is a bed bug.

As bed bugs grow, they become more rust-colored and start to look like a proper bed bug. These bugs are oval in shape and flat if they have not fed. After a feeding, their abdomen will be large and bloated, giving the bed bug more of a pill shape. The most recognizable feature of a bed bug is the equidistant horizontal indentations on its abdomen.

Look for pictures of bed bugs and learn to recognize these bugs when you see them. And, if an infestation appears, let us know. American Pest Solutions has the most advanced bed bug treatment solutions available. You can trust our team to protect your family.