Watch Out For Aggressive Yellow Jackets


Darn those yellow jackets, they are mean and aggressive especially late summer to early fall. They are certainly unpleasant and can ruin a number of outdoor activities, especially if they involve food. The reason they are more aggressive now is because there are more of them, and they are experiencing a dwindling food supply. We will see more of these stinging insects toward the end of the summer and into early fall because they are no longer feeding and caring for the young in the colony, which leaves them more time to fly around seeking their favorite sticky week snacks.

Their nests are built in the ground, in shrubs or up in trees, inside sheds, eaves, attics, or other areas that can provide protection. If their nests are threatened, they will swarm and aggressively attack and they are capable of stinging multiple times. Be careful mowing, as the mower hitting a nest (or even just the vibration from the mower) can cause a vicious attack. Multiple stings can cause repeated exposure to their venom and in extreme cases can be fatal. Many people are allergic to their venom and must seek medical attention right away. Over time venom sensitivity can occur and become increasingly dangerous. Watch for signs of excessive swelling and compromised breathing, and if you experience those symptoms you should get help immediately.

Yellow jackets are frequent visitors of picnics and barbecues, and they will focus on sugary fruits, treats, and drinks, as well as uncovered trash bins. They have been known to take a dive into drink cups, cans, and bottles just before someone takes a sip, which can cause an angry sting or two.

Attempting removal of yellow jackets from a property can be risky business, we highly suggest calling an experienced pest control professional so that you can avoid personal injury from trying to remove these pests on your own. People should avoid yellow jackets completely, and if stung do not swing at it or move around quickly as it will cause them to be more aggressive. Try not to crush a yellow jacket against your body either, they release a pheromone that can cause an attack of frenzy. You should cover your face and slowly move away, and into an indoor area if possible.

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