Preventing The Spider Invasion This Fall

House spider crawling in a sink.

Well, you went ahead and did it. You blinked. And you missed it. Yup, summer 2016 came and went and it seems like only yesterday you were looking forward to it. Sure, you spent time at the beach and walked in the park. You fired up that grill a few times and watched the fireworks on the 4th. You even got the jet skies out once or twice. But, you blinked, and it was over. Just like that!

Now it’s almost officially fall. Can you believe it? You barely noticed it was summer and already you are behind the eight ball. Those invading pests have already begun their march into homes to safely wait out the cold winter months that are ahead. Rodents are building nests, stinkbugs are congregating, and spiders are spinning webs and laying eggs in the corners and deep recesses of your home. But, it’s not too late to keep your home free from pests like spiders this winter.

The first step in preventing and eliminating house spiders is to understand them. They are simply looking for food, water, and shelter. They will pick a home that has plenty of food – which for spiders means insects; plenty of water – which means a few sweaty pipes or drips of a faucet; and shelter from the elements – and it doesn’t necessarily need to be heated. If your home offers house spiders these comforts, they will be searching for a way in; and believe me, if insects have found a way into your wall voids, spiders won’t have a bit of trouble either.

Now I am sure that you may not worry too much about a few spiders in the corner of the living room. In fact, you will probably just grab a broom and sweep away the cobwebs believing that you have taken care of the problem. But consider the fact that these creatures don’t just set up shop in the living areas of your home. They will often stow away in your basement, attic, and wall voids. The problem is that spiders lay eggs – and hundreds of them. They will spin their little cocoons and tuck away those eggs in a nice safe place for the winter so that those little babies can hatch and crawl and grow and build webs and lay eggs the next year. All of this will happen right under your eaves if you let it. So, one spider in the corner of your living room this fall can become perhaps hundreds of baby spiders in the spring. Now, that could be a problem!

You can help to prevent house spiders from overwintering in your home by inspecting your foundation and around your doors and windows and calking any holes and gaps that you find. Making sure screens in windows and doors are intact is also necessary. Next, be sure that all exterior doors are equipped with door sweeps. Search for any leaking or sweating pipes and fix them, and be sure that vents and chimneys have screens as well. Check all utility entrance sites to be sure they do not have access points for pests around them. Lastly, contact a trusted pest control company for year-round service.

You can’t realistically find every crack, nook, and cranny around your home that a house spider can exploit in order to gain entrance; so partnering with a pest control specialists makes sense. If you live in Massachusetts or Connecticut then American Pest Solutions has the pest control solution for you. Our trained and trusted professionals can help you to seal your home and can safely treat around your property so that those pests that do come crawling meet a barrier of protection that keeps them out. Year-round pests require year-round protection which is exactly what you will have when you partner with the professionals at American Pest Solutions.

Don’t allow spiders to use your home as their winter retreat and keep them from incubating in your walls when you partner with American Pest Solutions. We are only a call away.