What Is This Cluster Of Flies On The Windows Of My Springfield Home?

A close up image of a cluster fly on a flower

If you’re experiencing groups or large flies on your windows during the fall, chances are – they are cluster flies. Cluster flies hibernate in groups in the voids of walls or attics during the winter. You might find cluster flies on your windows in the fall because they enjoy the warmth of the sun. When the doors or windows of your home are opened, they will attempt to get inside to wait out the winter where it’s nice and warm.

Facts about Cluster Flies

  • Cluster flies live in all US states except for states bordering the Gulf of Mexico. You can also find them in Canada and Europe. They stick together in groups consisting of a few dozen flies to thousands.
  • Cluster flies do not bite animals or humans, so you don’t have to worry about insect-borne illnesses stings, or pain as a result of a cluster fly. They do not swarm around garbage or food the way other flies tend to do.
  • Cluster flies mate in the spring. Female cluster flies lay an egg in the soil near an earthworm. When the egg hatches, the larva enters the earthworm and eats the earthworm from the inside out. The entire process takes 27 to 39 days for the cluster fly to change from egg to larvae to adult fly.
  • Cluster flies are large, noisy flies that measure about 3/8-inch long. When a cluster fly lands on something, it leaves behind a greasy spot; and if you squish it – it will release a scent of buckwheat honey.

Home Problems with Cluster Flies

In the spring and summer, you will probably find cluster flies hanging out outdoors in areas like fields – where there are plenty of earthworms. Adults eat flower nectar.

Cluster flies will travel as far as a mile to find the perfect place to spend the cold winter months. If you leave windows open during the fall months their search for that perfect place will be over and you will be left with one more thing to worry about this autumn.

Once in your home, they go into semi-dormant-style hibernation.

How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies

Even though there is no concern for illness from cluster flies in your home – no one wants a house full of flies. The best way to get rid of cluster flies in Springfield and other New England areas is to apply preventative treatments from the trained professionals at American Pest Solutions.

Cluster Fly Pest Control

Some homes will surely become infested with cluster flies this fall. If this happens to you, call the experts at American Pest Solutions to find and treat these very annoying pests. While you can take prevention measures yourself, it’s always best to call pest management professionals if you are the victim of any pest infestation.