Ticks Active In Springfield, Massachusetts

A tick on top of a leaf

So, you like the outdoors and you spend your time walking, biking, hiking, or maybe even hunting or harvesting the last of what is left in your garden. Maybe your kids are spending a lot of time in the crisp fall air. The snow will start to fall soon, so you will want to get as much outdoor time as possible before it’s too cold and slippery.

Be aware ticks can still be active and are as dangerous as ever this time of year. They may even be more active in the fall - perhaps their last hurrah before they go dormant. A pest control service can’t treat every area, like the forests you are hunting in or the parks you are hiking; but they can protect your backyard from ticks and can reduce the chances that your family and your pets will contract Lyme disease.

Ticks are parasites. They feed on deer, domestic pets, farm animals, and humans. Ticks prefer areas that are wooded or tall grass. They can vary in color depending on the type. Deer ticks are very small, have black legs, and are blackish-orange. Dog ticks are a bit larger and are brown with a white or yellow marking. As either of these ticks feed on blood, they become engorged and much larger than their original size.

Ticks carry disease and are dangerous to all that they feed on. Deer ticks can infect people and pets with bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi, which causes Lyme disease. Lyme disease is very dangerous as it can cause debilitation; and when left untreated, can cause serious problems to joints, the nervous system, and the heart. Much less common, the dog tick can cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia.

You will want to use a pest control service like American Pest Solutions to protect your backyard from becoming infested with ticks. This will give you peace of mind that your loved ones will not be infected by deer or dog ticks while in the yard.

While outside in known tick-infested areas you should:

  • Wear long pants and long sleeves, closed shoes, and a hat
  • Inspect clothing, shoes, and skin before entering your home
  • Keep your yard mowed and trees trimmed
  • Treat pets with flea and tick treatments (under vet supervision)
  • Vacuum carpeted areas and keep pet areas clean

You can be very vigilant and avoid exposure to some ticks; but to get rid of all eggs, larvae, and adults around your home, you will need a pest control service. By utilizing the specialized services of a pest professional like American Pest Solutions, you and your family will be less likely to encounter ticks in your yard and lower your risk of contracting Lyme and other dangerous diseases. If you live in Springfield; Western Massachusetts; or Hartford, Connecticut be sure to turn to the tick experts that many of your friends and neighbors trust for pest control solutions. American Pest Solutions, we are here for you.