Keep House Spiders Out Of Your Home This Winter

A spider making web

Are you expecting some company this winter? Will you be having guests for the holidays? This is the time of year when we get all kinds of visitors. You may have Christmas carolers visit your front porch. You may have grandma and grandpa visit for Christmas dinner. You might even have jolly ol' Saint Nick visit your rooftop and leave presents under your tree. But there is one visitor you can do without this season. We're talking about the house spider.

There is a myth about the common house spider that is older than the story of Kris Kringle. It is the belief that spiders hide in our homes to escape the cold of winter, but what is actually happening is something entirely different.

If you saw more spiders and more spider webs this fall, it isn't because spiders have invaded your home to hide from the chilly fingers of winter. You saw more spiders because spiders are more active in the fall. One of the reasons they are more active is to get ready for a long period of time during the winter when flying insects are scarce. Basically, they fatten themselves up. But this doesn't mean spiders won't get into your home this winter.

While the common house spider lives almost exclusively with humans, there are many spiders that do not. These spiders will come and go as they please, all winter long; and they have good reason for wanting to take a peek inside your house.

You may have noticed that, right now, there aren't many insects flying around outside. You can bet that the spiders outside of your home have definitely taken notice. Though they have natural antifreeze that allows them to live quite comfortably in the cold, they might decide to explore your home in the hopes of finding a meal.

Your chances of seeing indoor spiders come out of hiding, or outdoor spiders crawling around inside your home, will increase if you have a fruit fly, fungus fly, or some other insect infestation. Your chances will also increase if your exterior walls are not sealed and treated by a pest professional.

If you're seeing spiders, let American Pest Solutions take care of this problem. Our technicians will administer interior spider protocols that will address any spiders that are "visiting" your home, as well as spiders that are already living in your walls.

Winter house spiders aren't always visitors. More often, they are spiders that have been living with you for quite some time. Make your home a spider-free zone with a little help from American Pest Solutions. When it comes to winter house spiders, we have the home pest control solution.