Flea & Tick Activity In CT Worse Than Other States

Tick In CT

Did you know Connecticut ranks #4 in the country for the highest flea and tick activity? It’s so severe that the state has created a handbook on tick management. You can click here to check it out OR simply keep reading for more information about these pests.


Do you have a dog? Perhaps an outdoor cat? If you answered yes to either question, you have a good chance of developing a flea problem this summer. Fleas often ride right into homes on pets and once inside might make you or your children their next host. How can you stop this from occurring? Talk to you vet about flea treatments, don’t let pets hang out on beds or furniture, and vacuum areas where pets nap often. There’s also professional pest control solutions but we’ll discuss that later on.


In Hartford and throughout Connecticut, the deer tick is known to bite. They are also the type of tick responsible for transmitting Lyme disease in our region. Now it’s important to remember that not every tick is infected with Lyme. Like fleas, ticks could find a way inside on your pets. They may also be catching a ride on you. To avoid tick encounters this summer, stay on paths when walking on trails or in the woods, wear long sleeves and pants when spending time in areas where ticks are likely to be lurking, and check yourself and pets for these biting pests after spending time outside. Again, we’d recommend that you don’t let pets sleep with you or on furniture and talk to the vet about tick medication and Lyme disease vaccination for your pets.

While there are many options at the hardware store for fleas and ticks, give us a call instead. We’ve been providing pest control services in Hartford and Hartford County, CT, and also Western Massachusetts. We’re ready to control ticks and fleas that have made their way onto your property. Contact us today!