The Truth About Bed Bugs

Rashes on the back of a woman

I'm going to come right out and say it. Bed bug heat treatments are humiliating. Nothing says, "We're nasty," like large heating units in your yard and giant black hoses coming out of your windows. It's not true, of course. Anyone can get bed bugs. But there is a stigma attached to these bugs. Even those of us who know that bed bugs can infest five-star resorts get that creepy shiver up our spine when we see heat treatment equipment outside of a hotel, motel, or next-door neighbor's house. Now, if you have an infestation that warrants heat treatments, by all means, get one. You do not want to live with these bugs. But it is always better to detect bed bugs early and get rid of them discreetly.

How do I catch bed bugs early?

Dogs. Yes, you heard me right. Canines have an incredible sense of smell and, when trained, can pinpoint bed bug infestations with incredible accuracy. If you hire a pest management company that utilizes K-9 bed bug inspectors, these bugs can be located and treated without any heat treatment equipment.

All mattresses are put into special encasements to lock bed bugs out, and focused and limited pesticide is used to target infected areas. With these treatments, you can be sure that eggs, larvae, and adult bed bugs will be eradicated from your property without alerting any of your neighbors to a problem.

How do I inspect for bed bugs myself?

It is always important to check for these bugs, especially when you're on vacation or after you return home. Almost all infestations begin with bugs hitchhiking their way into a home. But, if you know what to check for, you can protect yourself.

  1. Peel down blankets and look for tiny rust-colored bugs that look like seeds when they are in the larvae stage. Adult bed bugs can be ¼ of an inch and appear round if they have recently had a blood meal.
  2. Search your pillowcases and sheets for blood stains. Bed bugs drip blood from their mouth parts after feeding.
  3. Keep an eye out for bites that look like mosquito bites but are clumped together or in a line. Bed bugs feed multiple times. Entomologists jokingly refer to their bites as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  4. Search for black sticky residue in the seams or on the corners of mattresses and box springs.

If you detect bed bugs in your Hartford home, get a pest management company with K-9 inspectors to immediately inspect your property. Fast detection and quick response can save you from a humiliating heat treatment or fumigation. Stay vigilant and always keep an eye out for signs of bed bugs.