Fun, And Not So Fun, Facts About Termites

Termite infested wood.

Learning about termites can be painful--and, not just because it is scary to think of these wood-devouring insects munching on your load-bearing beams 24/7--this is a topic that can be painful to get through. If it were a high school class, most articles would have you drooling on your desk before the final sentence. That is why we're going to spice things up! Here are some fun termite facts mixed with some important information you need to protect your home. Enjoy!

Fun Fact: Termites play an important part in nature. These little wood eaters help break down plant fibers, turning dead and rotting wood into fertile soil. Their ground tunneling is also great for aerating soil and making green vegetation healthier.

Not So Fun Fact: Termites can break your home down into fertile soil too. Inside your home termites can consume wood without ceasing. This can leave structural joists and beams looking like shredded cheese. To protect your property, look for external damage to fences, patios, decks, and other wood structures. These will warn you of termite infestation.

Fun Fact: There are no deadbeat dads in a termite colony. That's right, fathers help raise termite young. Male termites, referred to as kings, stick around to help fertilize eggs when needed.

Not So Fun Fact: Termites have such effective mating and colonizing abilities it costs property owners over $3 billion each year to keep them from wreaking havoc on their equity. Termite protection is not a luxury. In some states, property owners must build it into their business plan.

Fun Fact: Termite soldiers and workers are almost always blind. Spending most of their lives in dark, damp nests, they have no need for usable eyes.

Not So Fun Fact: Termites don't need eyes to eat the wood of your home. They communicate with pheromones and vibrations. With secreted chemicals and the thumping of their heads on tunnel floors, they help each other get their job done fast and efficiently. If you put your ear to the wall, you can sometimes detect them by listening for their sounds.

Fun Fact: Termites are a little OCD about their grooming. You'd think that an insect that spends most of its life in dirt would be--well--dirty. But termites work very hard to stay clean for the sake of their colony. By grooming each other they are able to keep parasites and harmful bacteria under control.

Not So Fun Fact: Termites cause $2 billion in property damage each year in the United States. They live in every state except Alaska. And, they are often hard to detect.

Make termite detection and elimination part of your plan. Don't wait for these insects to eat away thousands of dollars in equity. Get proactive, and stop them before they damage your Hartford CT home. With modern prevention methods, these insects can be stopped. Learn the facts today.