Stockbridge #7 In MA For Highest Rate Of Lyme Disease

Tick bite.

At American Pest Solutions, we care about the communities we serve, that is why we're making this public service announcement for residents of Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Heavy snowfall has increased tick populations across the state. This has added to the already alarming number of Lyme disease reports. According to the Massachusetts Department of Health, the town of Stockbridge has a rate of 256.8 cases per 100,000 residents, making it the seventh most dangerous town in Mass. for contracting Lyme disease.

The Disease

If you're not yet familiar, Lyme disease is an infection caused by the transmission of spiral-shaped bacterium, called Borrelia burgdorferi, through tick bites. This bacterium attacks organs, joints, muscles, heart, nervous system, and brain, causing flu-like symptoms in the early stages, and migraines, arthritis, heart attacks, meningitis, facial paralysis, memory loss, weakness in limbs, and joint pain. The severity of these symptoms vary from person to person. Many who contract Lyme disease show no signs at all (which makes it hard to track the real effect ticks are having on our state), and those who do contract the disease sometimes don't even realize they were bitten by a tick because they never saw the recognizable bullseye rash caused by the transfer of this bacterium.

The Spread

When fighting Lyme disease, it is important to understand how it spreads. This disease is found mostly in deer ticks, which feed on deer primarily in their early stages, but will migrate to other animals later. Deer ticks don't travel on their own; They ride on the animals they use as hosts. And, being that they are tiny, they can even ride on birds. If you have a bird feeder in your yard, removing it is one natural deterrent. If you're a bird watcher and can't bear to part with those feeders, a professional tick treatment on your yard is a good idea. They're a good idea for any backyard. It is hard to keep roaming animals and birds from visiting your yard. Routine tick treatments are the answer.


Despite what you may have heard, ticks don't fall down on your head from tree branches or leap at you from the bushes. These bugs cling to grass, hold their arms out, and grab on as a host passes by. So, if you have a tick in your hair, it had to climb up your body to get there. Great tick prevention is to tuck your pants in your socks and spray your legs with an insect repellent, containing DEET if you're going to be out in the woods or walking through tall grass.

Now that you know the facts you can clearly see that you need to be proactive to protect your family from ticks. The most complete and safest way to do that is with the help of our experts here at American Pest Solutions. We offer a stand-alone mosquito service that also provides control for ticks, or you can add it onto any of our home pest control services. Give us a call and let us start keeping ticks, and all pests away from you and your loved ones.