Mice Are Making Their Way Into Your Home To Stay Warm


They might not be as ugly as rats, but they can carry a nasty disease as they make their way into your home.

As temperatures drop at night, mice are forced to search for warmth to survive. Many times the warmth they find is coming from your home and they’re looking for a way in. Pipes and gaps in the walls or behind front steps are possible entryways for mice looking to escape the cold.

Bob Russell, an entomologist at American Pest Solutions, told 22News, “You’re going to have a migration period for the next three weeks. It’s already started, but with the onset of these thirty-degree days up in the next few days and these overnights in the twenties it’s going to be on, they’re going to be moving in.”

Two types of mice are entering your home:

  • The house mouse, which you’ll likely see in the kitchen or near food, is a grayish color and mostly harmless.
  • Then there’s the deer mouse, which heads for your attic or cellar, and has a brown top and white colored bottom and could carry ticks infected with Lyme disease.

Mouse traps work to deal with a mouse problem, but pest control specialists might help you stop the mice from even getting into your home.