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Common House Spiders in Massachusetts

March 8, 2016

Some folks believe that having spiders in their home is a good thing because it means fewer flies. But the reality is, it is far better to NOT have any flies OR spiders in your home. > Read More

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Year-Round Protection From Pests

December 17, 2015

Many homeowners are under the notion that pests are only active in the spring and summer, and that during the fall months they pack up and take a trip to some unknown location and live there for the winter, giving us a break from worrying about them. While this would be nice, unfortunately, this is… > Read More

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Mice Facts And Prevention Tips

November 10, 2015

The common house mouse is a very unique creature. It is believed that mice traveled the vast ocean via embarking on colonist’s ships and invaded the eastern shores of North America. From there, this army of small rodents with protruding eyes, hairless tail, and large ears began their march… > Read More

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