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Let's Get Ready... For Rodents

September 27, 2017

Fall is a time when rodents are likely to invade nice warm homes to settle in for the winter, but your home doesn't have to be one of those homes. All rodents share one very important characteristic, their teeth are highly specialized for gnawing. Rodents have a single pair of upper, and a single… > Read More

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Why You Do Not Want Mice In Your Home

August 31, 2017

We can feel it in the air…those cool, crisps nights and shorter days. We New Englanders love our four seasons, and we are well aware that the temperature drop we are feeling at night means summer will soon become fall. And fall means getting ready for winter. We will soon be racking leaves… > Read More

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Top Mice Prevention Tips

June 30, 2017

There are some folks who think that mice are only a problem when the weather begins to get colder. While it is true that fall is when these furry creatures will be on the move looking for a warm place to hold up for the winter, this doesn’t mean that they can’t find their way in during… > Read More

mouse prevention tips   dangers and damages caused by mice   rodent control specialists


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